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Old 08-14-2010
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DVD Movies, NO Ranger Content :-( (KY)

I finally got around to going through SOME of my boxes of DVD's & here's a list so far:

The Venture Bros. Vol. 1, 2 & 3 $40.00 for all 3 (check Amazon, they're $20+ each new... that's what I paid)
Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law Vol. 1, 2 & 3 $40.00 for all 3 (about $20 each new)
The Amityville Horror – (Double Take) 1979 & 2005 versions $4.00
Alive or Dead $3.00
Maximum Overdrive & Raw Deal (Double Feature) $4.00

End of Days $3.00
Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny $3.00
National Lampoon’s Animal House Double Secret Probation Edition $4.00
The Mad (unrated: Sealed, never opened) $3.00
Ghost Busters 1 & 2 (Double Feature Gift Set) $7.00

Planet Terror (Extended & Unrated) 2 disc Special Edition $6.00
Death Proof (Extended & Unrated) 2 disc Special Edition $6.00
America’s Serial Killers: Portraits in Evil 2 disc set $4.00
Kelly’s Heroes (Clint Eastwood Collection) $6.00
The Dirty Dozen $6.00

The Clint Eastwood Collection 4 movies: $10.00
1 A Fistful of Dollars
2 For A Few Dollars More
3 The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
4 Hang ‘Em High

The Wizard of Oz (2 disc 70th Anniversary Edition – WalMart Exclusive) $10.00
Halloween 4 & 5 (Halloween Double Feature) $5.00
Red Sun (RARE Hong Kong Import) $15.00

Prom Night (original version)
Prom Night II Hello Mary Lou
Prom Night III & IV (Double Feature) $10.00 for all 4 movies

Strange Invaders & Invaders From Mars (Double Feature) $3.00
Gus Van Sant’s Last Days (Kurt Cobain) $3.00
Casualties of War (Extended Cut) $5.00
A Few Good Men & Jerry Maguire (Double Feature 2 DVD set) $4.00
The Munsters Two Movie Fright Fest: Munster, Go Home & The Munsters’ Revenge $7.00

Swamp Thing $4.00
Sleepy Hollow $4.00
House of the Damned $3.00
Ghosts of Mars $3.00
Alien Apocalypse $3.00

Chupacabra Terror $3.00
Decoys $3.00
The Boogeyman & The Return of The Boogeyman (Double Feature) $3.00

Horror Classics 4 movies: $3.00
1 Silent Night, Bloody Night
2 Scared to Death
3 Good Against Evil
4 Kill, Baby…Kill!

The Hatchet Murders (aka Deep Red) $3.00
Short Circuit 1 & 2 $5.00 for both
The Blues Brothers (Collector’s Edition) $4.00
Convoy $3.00
The Pixies (concert-videos) $3.00
Oasis Definitely Maybe $3.00

The Ed Wood Collection 2 disc set: $5.00
1 Glen or Glenda
2 Jail Bait
3 Night of the Ghouls
4 Plan 9 From Outer Space
5 Bride of the Monster
6 The Violent Years

Throw Momma From The Train $3.00
Thelma & Louise $3.00
The Last Samurai (2 disc Widescreen Edition) $4.00
The Longest Yard (Lockdown Edition) $3.00
One Hour Photo $3.00

Phonebooth $3.00
The Eric Carr Story: Inside the tale of the Fox $8.00
KISS Exposed $8.00
Corrosion of Conformity: Live Volume $10.00
Iron Maiden: Raising Hell $5.00

Witchouse 3: Demon Fire $3.00
Ramones: It’s Alive 1974 – 1996 2 disc set $10.00
Dead & Rotting (special edition) $3.00
Skinned Alive (remastered special edition) $3.00
Hell Asylum (special edition) $3.00

Matrix Revolutions $3.00
Hell of the Living Dead & Rats (double feature) $5.00
The Dead Hate The Living! $5.00
My Cousin Vinny $3.00

The Fog (special edition – original 1980 version)
The Fog (unrated version – remake version) $6.00 for both versions

The People Under The Stairs & Shocker (double feature) $5.00
April Fool’s Day $3.00
The Quick and The Dead & Bite The Bullet (double feature) $4.00
Waterworld $3.00
Wanted: Dead or Alive & Death Before Dishonor (double feature) $4.00

The Doors an Oliver Stone film (special 2 disc edition) $4.00
The Pink Panther (original version) $3.00
Masters of Horror Collection: John Carpenter’s Cigarette Burns $3.00
Conspiracy Theory $3.00
The Fifth Element (ultimate edition 2 discs) $5.00

The Mad (unrated: opened, watched once) $3.00
2001: A Space Odyssey $4.00
Wolf Creek $3.00
Borat $3.00
Southpark: Bigger, Longer, Uncut $3.00

War of the Worlds (new version)
War of the Worlds (original 1953 version) & When Worlds Collide (1951) double feature $9.00 for all 3

Necromancer $2.00
Kill by Inches $2.00
Monster $3.00
Zombie Bloodbath Trilogy (2 disc set Unrated) Zombie Bloodbath 1, 2 & 3 $10.00

It’s Alive Triple Feature: It’s Alive, It’s Alive 2, It’s Alive 3 $6.00
Copycat (original cardboard DVD holder broke, I made new slim cover) $3.00
Evilenko (2 disc deluxe edition) $2.00
Carnival of Souls $2.00

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein $2.00
Raising Cain $2.00
Creatures, Critters & Crazies 3 movies: White Zombie, Blood Couple, How Awful About Alan $2.00
The Zombie Pack 2: Burial Ground, Flesh Eater & Zombie Holocaust $12.00

Night of the Living Dead: My entire collection $50.00
1- Black & White / COLORIZED version
2- Millennium Edition
3- 30th Anniversary Edition
4- 1990 Remake – Tom Savini
5- 2006 Remake 3D: 2D Version – Sid Haig
6- 3 different versions of the original movie, each have different cover art
7- Night of the Living Dead & King of the Zombies (double feature)
8- Night of the Living Dead, Revolt of the Zombies, Denentia 13 (triple feature)

Day of the Dead: The Need to Feed (2007 remake) $4.00

Prices are pretty firm & DO NOT include shipping... but if you buy a bunch, I'll try to cut you a better deal.

I bought 95% of these brand new, the rest came from evilBay (either new or used)

- - - -
- Shipping should be about $3.00 (USA) for a single DVD.

- Buy more than 5 or buy the heavier sets & shipping will depend on weight & zip code. Feel free to PM me your zip code & I'll weigh 'em & get you a pretty close shipping estimate ASAP.

- A $4.95 small Priority Mail flat rate box should ship around 3 DVD's.
Anything that won't fit in a small flat rate box or a flat rate envelope will ship Priority Mail in the appropriately sized box.

- A medium Priority Mail flat rate box is about $11.00 & should hold about 10 - 12 single DVD's.

- A large Priority flat rate box is about $15.00 and should hold more than 12 single DVD's.

- Shipping MAY be a little higher for anyone outside of the old USA.

- - - -

PayPal is good for me.

- - - -

Most of these DVD's are Widescreen, Special Edition, Extended or Unrated.
Any questions, just let me know.

All my DVD's should be like new, most have only been watched a couple times. I'll double check each disc before I pack it to make sure there are is no damage.

I honestly do not have anywhere large enough to put them to take pictures of them all. If you need a pic, I'll do my best to PM you.

They all come in original cases with original artwork & anything that was included inside the case when I got it.

Anything that's Unrated should be considered on the same level as R rated...if you aren't old enough to see an R rated movie, you need to wait 'till you're old enough to buy them.

ALL of these are ORIGINAL DVD's, NO copies, no junk whatsoever.

Please buy a bunch! I need the space.
Old 08-15-2010
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No ****? No thankz.

lol Bump
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Taking any trades?? Looking for anything in particular??

GB :)
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Do you have "Mr. Brooks"?
Old 08-15-2010
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Originally Posted by KLC View Post
Do you have "Mr. Brooks"?
I don't think so, sorry.
Old 08-25-2010
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I'll even consider trades too, let me know what 'ya got & maybe we can work out a deal.

(I'd really like to have some cash, but I need to find these movies a new home)
Old 08-27-2010
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I know you guys don't spend ALL your time on here posting or working on your trucks...

Buy some of these dang movies to keep yourself occupied.
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