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2000 4.3l V6 Chevy Ranger

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2000 4.3l V6 Chevy Ranger

I've been looking on FB marketplace every night when I get off work for a 302 H/O V8 and Manual transmission or a 98-01 4.0l Ranger donor truck and it's been an absolute migraine and isn't progressing into any kind of success at aquiring what I'm looking for. I bought my Ranger w/a great running OHV 4.0l with 132,xxx miles and an utterly destroyed 5-speed automatic transmission. It's a really nice $300 truck but I can't find a complete manual transmission swap for it anywhere. So here's the 💡 I have a 4.3l Vortec motor, transmission and rear end. In case the gear ratios are different. I've spent around $3,200 completely restoring the drivetrain to basically brand new condition. I've been all over the country with this 2000 Chevy Blazer and it has never missed a beat or gotten me stranded. (The market value for Blazers where I live unfortunately is like 0.75 cents and a piece of chewed gum) they're just so common and there's running motors and transmissions everywhere so nobody wants to pay much for them. Almost any part you need can be aquired for super cheap, which encourages me to take advantage of all the readily available goodies and gives me faith that It's a really good idea. I recently bought my wife a Durango that she really wanted and I got the Blazer but I need a Truck & I'm committed to making something dependable and awesome out of my Ranger. So I've decided that I'm gonna have the only "00 4.3l Vortec Chevrolet Ranger in North Georgia. I've searched the internet over to find a 4.3l Chevy Vortec swapped Ranger how-to/Guide and it seems to be that nobody has ever done it and told the tale? I can't figure out why because they are indestructible and the parts are available & cheap. I have a professional welder buddy that said he's on board to weld anything that I need welded to drop my 4.3 in the Ranger. He's excited to be a part of assisting me in making a Ford that can actually leave the driveway 😆 jk The 4.0l ohv V6 is a super dependable motor. I'm just wanting to know any good advice on a possible easy way to make it work like it's stock. What obstacles may present themselves? Basically any advice on what all I will have to do. I can't find any motor mount brackets or anything that would allow you to weld it on and bolt the engine in so I'm guessing it might be a bit more complex? Is the entire drivetrain swap even possible? Any advice on the best way to get it done or whatever is highly appreciated.

I'm gonna make something special out of this Truck, I just gotta find someone that has a little 4.3 swapping knowledge. I'm believing that the finished product will be a sexually appealing, dependable little truck. Any help to make this project come to fruition is very appreciated. I'll take pictures of progress and try and document my trial and error to help anyone else that undertakes this sort of challenging but surely rewarding project. I'll for sure have the only Chevy Ranger in N. GA

That's my $300 machine.
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Welcome to the forum

Doesn't sound to hard to do, 4300 vortec dimensions seen here:

The 302/5.0l V8 is only 19" wide and a tight squeeze
The 4.3l is a 90deg V6 so is 21.5" wide, so heater box will need some trimming down most likely, or you will never be able to remove valve covers
Height is OK, V8 is 21" high, so is the 4.3l
Length is not an issue

The Dash temp and oil gauges will work fine just use the 4.0l senders
Fuel gauge as well
Voltage is voltage, lol

You will use/need full wiring harness and computer for the engine.
And you basically just add power and grounds
Charging system should be similar, "battery light" on/off setup
You will need to study what chevy used for fuel system for of the year and computer you chose, I know Fords, so can't help on chevy
You will need to know fuel pressure computer expects at the injectors, and how the computer turns on and off the fuel pump, should be a relay like Ford has

Leave in the Ranger rear axle for speed and ABS sensor, in 2000 Ranger Ford used that sensor for both ABS and speedometer
Just make an adapter for drive line

Radiator is fine as far as size but not sure of hose connections

Same for exhaust, size will be fine but not sure on which side it exits, must be on passenger side in Rangers because of gas tank

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