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Best Oil for oil change

Old 02-24-2010
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I use valvoline synthetic high mileage

Been using it for a long time.
Old 02-24-2010
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Amsoil really says 25k? ****kkkk that.

I go 5k on synthetic and thats as far as i would recommend.I know Mercedes computers say 10k.

Originally Posted by 07Sport4x4 View Post
I would agree with what Tim (RedOctober) says absolutely on most every point . . .

(except maybe regarding K&N for the air filter due to reported MAF issues).

Just a Diesel Mechanic's two cents . . .
I've heard of oiled filters messing up mass air sensors.
Old 02-25-2010
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i use mobil 1 synthetic and change it out every 10k

as long as you keep topping it off so the level is ok, youre fine
Old 02-25-2010
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I've been doing anywhere from 5000 to 7000 mile intervals with Mobil1 synthetc and 2 Motorcraft filters per cycle. Works great for me, 140k now

Originally Posted by Ceezer View Post
use your best judgment. I If you're gunning it stoplight to stoplight every day in the city grind, you're probably going to want to stick to the 3k schedule.

Also keep an eye on how your engine takes to the change. If you wait 5k miles and your old oil is looking pretty dirty, then tighten up the frequency between changes. Alternately, if you're sticking to 3k and it looks brand new, you can probably afford to loosen up a bit.

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Old 02-27-2010
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Sorry to hijack, but thought this was relevant. I normally use 10w30 even though it says to use 5w30. I have about 109,000 miles. Should I be using 5w30 instead? And is it necessary to use the high mileage oil?

I just keep it changed every 3k regardless but want to make sure I am putting the right stuff in.
Old 02-28-2010
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everybody has an opinion. I use 10w30, have in the last 3 trucks i've owned. Im going to switch to Mobil 1 synthetic this oil change. I used Mobil 1 synthetic in the last ranger, with no problems....

I was using 6 quarts in this ranger and the last one, till I looked in the manual and seen it needs 5!! Im glad i fixed. But Synthetic is the best way to go, with a purolator pure 1 filter...
Old 02-28-2010
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Originally Posted by ES894x4 View Post
buying castrol syntec (except german syntec) over conventional is kind of pointless. Syntec is still a group 3 oil (same as dyno). If your going to spend the coin on synthetic get a group 4, RP, mobil 1, etc. mobil 1 is nice and easy to find but a couple years ago they had to back off on wear protectors so if possible get the extended performance that says its good for 15k intervals and continue on 3k services, and never use a fram filter because it puts cardboard into your motor
Damn autozone and their sales. Haha, I went with Castrol syntec 5w30 and their fram tough guard filter. Was only 20 bucks for 5 quarts and a filter. I did treat my truck to a K&N drop in air filter tho, so I say that's a balance of good and bad, haha.
Old 02-28-2010
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I use Motorcraft 5w-30, just like Ford recommends. I used to spend money on Mobil 1 but realized it isn't worth it. Changing it every 3k with plain ole Motorcraft is cheaper anyway.

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Old 02-28-2010
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you have a F150 though, or is there a difference in 5w20 vs 5w30?
Old 02-28-2010
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Whoops I meant 5w-30. 5w-20 was the Ranger.
Old 02-28-2010
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Mobil 1 is the best imo.

Spending a little extra on better oil and not having to change your oil every 3k so worth the extra cost.
Old 02-28-2010
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Best is subjective, but I use Royal Purple.
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Originally Posted by atrocity View Post
mobil 1 fully synthetic. Nuff said

or just dont run oil. weight reduction man.
Old 03-30-2010
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As far as filters, the Purolator PureOne filter is about 99% efficient and it's only about $6 or $7. The Bosch High Performance is the same efficiency, but holds a lot more dirt. Personally, you can't get much better than the Purolator PureOne
Old 03-31-2010
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well i work at a shop and I would say synthetic is the way to go don't forget to by a better oil filer too, I run mobile 1 10w30 with a fram extended guard oil filter i believe its good for 6000miles, ur joe blow oil filter is only good for like 3000-4000 miles, that's my input.
Old 03-31-2010
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Motorcraft Blend 5w30 oil, Motorcraft oil filter. Cheap and made by a high end oil company.

BUT last week Advanced Auto Parts had a deal on 5 quarts of Castrol Blend and a PureOne for 19.99 so I got that. If there is no deal I get the Motorcraft.

As far as oil change intervals. I do enough oil changes a day to know that anything over 3000 miles is murder. 3000 miles or every 3 months which ever is first.

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Originally Posted by meathead View Post
Am I wasting money running a synthetic and changing so frequently?

Short answer is yes. In fact if you are changing ANY good quality oil at 3k miles on a healthy engine you are wasting money. Oil chemistry has come a LONG way in the last several years but it seems the general population has yet to catch up. I use Rotella T 5W-40 with a Purolator or Motorcraft filter on a 5k OCI and the oil always looks good. I could probably push it to 6k but I think the filter would be at its limit. That's just a conventional HDEO. If you are running semi-syn or full-syn oils and not running at least 5k OCI you may as well be burning cash. There's plenty of documented studies that show synthetic oils actually get better after a few thousand miles in the sump.
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Advantages of Synthetic
low levels of impurities
decreases oil consumption
longer oil change
flows well in extreme conditions and during initial startups

higher cost
less time under the hood

For your engine to last longer it wont be on what type of oil you use it will be on how constant you change your oil.

Try to use what ever your engine calls for.
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