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Synthetic oil and once a year oil change

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Synthetic oil and once a year oil change

I have an 08 XL 2.3, auto trans with 39000 miles. I put about 6000 mile a year on my truck. I have been using Motorcraft 5w20 and Motorcraft filters, changing every 5 months. I'm thinking about going to Mobil 1 5w20 and changing once a year. Am I foolish or smart, any opinions? Thanks.
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I always change my oil every 3000 and use synthetic blend. They say that if most of your miles are highway then you can change it every 5000 with high quality oil. If you're just driving around town, I'd change it every 3000 just to stay on the safe side. That's just my opinion. We'll see what others have to say.
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You will most likely be fine, but think of the cost/benefit here. If you do a change each spring and fall your engine will stay happy for a long time, no need for synthetic.
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That's all I've ever done, Motorcraft Synthetic 10W-30 once per year for the last 6 years / 64,000 miles. Runs just like the day I bought it. And of course that's the old Lima motor, should be just fine on a Duratec like yours.
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If you run an extended oil change interval it is a very good idea to run a by-pass micron oil filter along with the standard oil filter. You should also change the standard oil filter as recommended.

There are several options for a by-pass micron oil filter. Amsoil has one that looks pretty good.

I run 20K mile oil change intervals on my current Ranger with 170K miles on it and on my 89 Ranger that I sold at almost 200K miles on it. Both vehicles had zero oil wear related problems. I used oil analysis to determine the oil change interval. I also use a by-pass micron filter. Valvoline full synthetic is my oil of choice but any good synthetic oil should begood too.
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I agree with Smith. Using regular oil and changing it twice a year is much better.
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I ran my 4.0 with Synthetics since 100 miles. I changed my oil every 10,000 miles and had 0 issues in 115,000 miles before I switched to a v8. Most everyone is over complicating it. Its just oil.
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manual says max 6 months.
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6000 miles is NOT a lot in terms of a year.

Our one Mercedes calls for oil changes ever 10k miles.... It's been doing that now for about 138k miles that it has on it so far, and guess what, still fine.

I used to do the 3k miles all religiously but realized that under MOST circumstances it really is a waste, only time I change the oil faster on vehicles is my track bike or my street motorcycle. Mind you I use synthetic or blend depending on the vehicle, but my truck now gets changed about 4500-5000 miles.

The ONLY true way to know what is going on is getting your oil analyzed. Change oil once a year and get it tested.... do the same test on both oil changes and see what the result is comparing to the once a year thing... obviously there will be more wear down properties with the 6k miles oil change but you might realize that changing the oil every 3k is really not needed. I have far more faith in Mercedes than Ford when it comes to spec and maintenance... with most german cars you have to upkeep them and make sure **** in on point or it will cost you a LOT more in the long run.. but if our current merc states oil changes every 10k miles then I am ok changing my truck at 5k, and in your case, 6k really isn't anything... I'd be more worried about leaking oil more than it burning off or breaking down.

My parents drive roughly 2-3k miles a year (they work/live a mile away and don't really travel much, obviously..) My dad would get the oil changed in their vehicles once a year, and they lasted 17 years.

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You will be fine with 6k annual changes with Mobil 1. I do annual changes on a Subaru Brat I have owned for 17 years. Have clocked over 8k miles many a year using Mobil 1. It still runs fine with nearly 240k on it. Did annual changes on a Subaru Legacy my daughter drove. It averaged right at 10k a year. It lasted until 212k miles when the person that bought it from us at 194k over heated it warping the heads and cracking the intake in two. I do annual changes on my 06 Ranger with just Motorcraft 5w-20, right around 5k miles. Like someone else mentioned, you don't have to over think this. You don't need a bypass filter, extra filters or send off samples.
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I am an ASE mechanic, and military marine diesel/outboard techinican. As hard as we run our boats and as much as I drive my truck. I would never use anything other than what is recommended by your truck manual. Why? Forget the warranty part...do you think you or even me know more than the engineers that built it? The say use Motorcraft in a Ford then use it. Honda says use Honda Marine we use it. DD/MTU says it we do it. Engineering has come a long ways from conventional oil every 3K with a cardboard filter. The now have agents in synthetic blend and even filters than cut down on deposits in oil and sludge build up. No evidence has been proven in my experience that shows Mobil 1 or any other "NASCAR" sponsor than just that sponsership and advertisement which gets you to buy and pass on to your buddies that since it costs more at O'Reilys it should be better.I own a 07 Expedition Eddie Bauer EL , a 2011 Ranger Sport and a 2007 F-150 King Ranch . All my Fords run Motorcraft and they have since mile 1. When I get smarter than the engineers at Ford, I'll let you know.
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One way to know is viscosity tests, which we do daily on our diesels to tell you how quickly the oil deteriorates and either thickens or thins with fuel dilution. Buy a vis-gauge if your that concerned on what oil and filter to buy and test your oil when you think it should be changed. After 3k and 5K see what it looks like. Just because its black don't mean its bad. Oil also depends on driving conditions. Do you gas it at every green light or ease it? The harder the engine works the faster it deteriorates. The cheaper the filter the quicker it gets dirty. Everyone asks because they want to save money and make the engine last, but is a few extra dollars every 3 months or so gonna kill you? Sometimes saving $10 on a 5qt change will hurt you in longetity. As long as there is oil and it isn't too thick or lean your engine will run fine. The mileage number vs the month periodicity is just a ballpark for the average city driver to keep the grocery-getter from missing a change and then you as a DIY mech can adjust based off more or less driving.
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Changing engine oil every 3000 kms what ever grade it is would be safer. Prolong interval of changing oil would result to oil sludge specially with fully synthetic grade. If I were you, I would just use mineral based oil and change it every 3 months. May cost more, but surely your engine would last longer and cleaner.
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If you are not regularly towing a heavy trailer or stuck in stop and go traffic on a daily basis there is no need to do a 3k change in my opinion. You are wasting oil and time. Testing has proved this out. Kind of like when multigrade oil came out. All the old time mechanics swore it would be the death to motors everywhere. I think with modern oils that Ford is being mighty conservative with a 5k change.
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