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Old 12-10-2008
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Originally Posted by zabeard View Post
I think Jim is being lazy on this, said he doesnt want to deal with them at all. Well either he does or he loses it supposedly.

I am with D, never heard of such taking domain names away, you have to buy them from who ever owns them and they can set the price.

10mil doesnt even seem like enough.

I would say 10 billion. Bankrupt them.
they already are, thats why they are asking for money from the govnt.
Old 12-10-2008
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Ford isnt, they just asked for a line of Credit.
Old 12-10-2008
mental ambiguity
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I can think of two groups: ACLU and EFF. I'd be contacting them if I was Jim and having him look at representing them.
Old 12-10-2008
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Jim may have posted this in frustration and it snowballed and took a life of its own.
Old 12-10-2008
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Why wont ford go after local decal makers who make decals of that Calvin guy taking a leak on a logo? Same thing isn't it?
Old 12-10-2008
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Old 12-10-2008
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I think jim Oaks should have told ppl that it was because of him making the stickers. He should have know better to do something like that. Im sorry it just kinda makes me mad that everyone got their panties in a bunch over something that would have never happend if jim wouldnt have made the stickers...just my .02 cents...
Old 12-10-2008
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So we buy their vehicle, and cant have a website to talk about it... thats stupid.
so if we mod our vehicle will they come after us because we have a ranger logo on the side of a none stock ranger?
will they make us say trademark every time we say we have a ford ranger to our buddies?
I just want to know when the whole, its cool to sue people thing is over
Old 12-10-2008
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as of 4pm today, ford resolved the issue with TRS... said TRS was selling unauthorized ford merchandise. ford and Jim oaks gottogether and ford has decided that TRS can keep the domain name: The RangerStation and willnot be find $5000.
all ford asks is that Jim oaks gets a licensing agreement thru ford, to sell authorized ford merchandise.
ford was very grateful for all of the enthusiasts around the world and this matter was just due to a simple licensing problem.

problem has now been solved!
Old 12-10-2008
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Originally Posted by Jim Oaks
A while back I had started making decals such as the old FORD tailgate letters, and offering some other decals for Ranger enthusiasts such as the Ranger windshield banner with the Ford logos on each side of it.

Although it was intended to be used as a way to keep The Ranger Station up and running and not a method of becoming independently was vilolating Fords trademarks.

I have talked to Scott Monty from Ford Motor Company and have agreed to:

1) Stop selling the decals since I do not have a trademark license to sell

2) Agree that the 'Ranger' is a product of Ford.

3) Not display any ads on The Ranger Station that would promote a competitor (Example: Banner ad for the new Chevy Colorado, etc)

4) Not use the site to make disparaging comments about Ford (AKA - Anti Ford Site)

5) Not turn The Ranger Station name over to anyone else.

I believe that's about it. I'm waiting from a letter from their attorney.

In return, Ford will allow us to keep The Ranger Station name and will not require that I pay the $5000.00 that the attorneys were asking for.

Scott went on to tell me that they recognize and support their fan websites and I would suggest that any other website owner/administrator reading this will be OK if they judge themselves on the items I had listed above. If you have ad banners you may want to make sure you have Fords competition filtered out.

I would like to say thanks to those that emailed Ford and spread the word. The attention and support from other enthusiats greatly helped in getting this resolved quickly.

I would ask that anyone who has posted about this on another website link the discussions here and ask that the moderator on that site lock the topic.

I also want to thank the other site owners for their support.
"2) Agree that the 'Ranger' is a product of Ford."

Cause we all know that Chevy makes the Ranger, lol.
Old 12-10-2008
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With that being said this thread is closed as well, no need to talk about it more.
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