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Old 08-07-2011
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Is this site loading pages?

Hello it is me again. I am a concerned member about the site here. I have to reload a page 7 times for anything to show up. I would be more active and have alot more fun on RF if this didnt happen. It seems to be getting worst. My work PC can't even handle it. I have Verizon FiOS and a fresh gaming PC. I have never experienced any loading problems like this on any other forums. I hope this does not start turning away members, contributor or not I like it here. Thats all.

Time to troubleshoot?
Old 08-07-2011
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From the other thread, Rick stated:

I have contacted the people handling the ads and I am sure they will give some feedback.
It's an issue with the Google Ad services. Not much R-F can do about it.

Have you a tried different browsers? I'm running the newest Firefox 5.0 without any issues at all.
Old 08-07-2011
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Yes sir, Firefox is doing a great job. I blocked the ads, it still freezes on me. Blank white ads, its most likely still that Jeep ad that is causing all this trouble.
Old 08-07-2011
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Refresh over and over here too.
Old 08-07-2011
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contribute and it will load faster
Old 08-07-2011
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Its very odd as I have no freezing myself though my ISP only offers one DNS which is prone to failing.

You can always manually ad the DNS to your card of which is Googles itself. It will speed things up.

That aside, when browsing RF from another box here which is a stripped down OS i see the ads and they load fine (no dns edits).

Google claims its us. I need screen caps, routing etc to even get them to care because in reality it is showing and counting on their end.

When I get the data of what has officially served it is the same with minimal variance over 1000 loads, meaning left and right have loaded almost 100% equally.

So yes, you have a few options. You can use adblock for firefox as everyone recommends or you can support the site. Obviously I prefer the support as it does go towards the cool stuff we develop for the site but at the same time if you cant spend it you cant spend it.

I am locking this as it has been covered more than a few times in the last few days and the solutions are the same.

here 1
here 2

<TX>TORKiT. You may consider unplugging your modem for 10 minutes and replugging it in. That may cure the issue as well.
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