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Old 01-14-2006
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Old 01-14-2006
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lol, oh boy did this thread just take a turn towards getting locked
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Old 01-14-2006
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It's getting that way pretty much anywhere in Houston now. Circuit City did me that way, said they wouldn't honor any return without a restocking fee unless I bought a service contract on a monitor last week when I came in to get a monitor they had on sale. Then they told me that everyone was the same way. I told them not everyone does that, and I was going to another store to buy it since they were treating me that way. Got it for the same price at Office Depot, plus a rebate.
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Old 03-23-2006
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I work for best buy to be honest with all of you...well Ill be gone in a week but ive been there for about 6 months now.....

thats some bs what they tried to tell you about they would sell it to you if you bought a "performance service plan" as we call them. It all depends on managers calls though. This is kinda how things works....I work in Computers, cameras, cell phones, etc..
We were taught to "slow down the sale" for those customers coming in and pointing to something in the ad saying I want this. We have to find out their needs, and suggest something that would work best for them. As for adding on stuff like service plans and what not, thats usually always a must to offer it. Our "baskets" as they are so called for computers are as follows......desktops-$450, notebooks-$250, printers-$50, cameras-$150-those are prices in the amount of accessories we need to add. As for those service plans, there are two kinds. Laptops have 2 levels, accidental handling which covers pretty much everything physical that you could do to a laptop, and the standard which covers normal wear and tear, heat, dust, humidity, moisture, power surges. That accidental handling is not offered for desktops or cameras. They will do the restocking fee on cameras and laptops too, 15%. Ive been offered a senior spot, but im leaving there next week to head over to a chrysler dealership. Anyways, what happened to you was BS, they should have offered to order it. Let me know if you all have any questions.
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Old 03-26-2006
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Originally Posted by graniteguy
Clay. What you described is Best Buy and it's been that way for years. They don't have the front page supercheap items in stock and they don't know when they will. I tried for 4 weeks straight to get their $499 laptop. If I went on Tuesday, they sold out on Monday. If I went on Monday it sold out on Sunday. I got to the point that I was there when they opened because it was gonna be on their ad on the front page, which it was. This wasn't during the Christmas season either. I ended up getting a Dell.

They don't want the customers that come in to buy the front page items and don't spring for the extended warranty and they (as a corporation) have no problem letting the customers know that. There was a business article where they stated they sort their customers into Angels and Devils. This is no joke as corporate was quoted in the article.

The angels:
get the new stuff at the hi price and replace it when the next new stuff comes out.
Buy service plans
Buy all the accessiries while they are there.

The devils:
never buy service plans.
never buy anything except loss leader front page items.
never buy accessories.

How you are identified determines how you are treated. Like I said, I read this in a respected business magazine. If I am offbase I apologize.
and they motivate stupid non-minority employees to become managers and such. when someone like ma averaged 9-10k in sales a month on my own as well as actually having a custom shop at the pasadena location in houston and raking in another 8k a month on my own for install. top of the line for 8 months and been with the company a while before that and no push for upper management. thats the way BBY is, but its cool they have their image to keep so when i become a lawyer ill have the last laugh on them jerks. BTW they asked me to come back to be a reg. installer this week too.
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Old 03-30-2006
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best buy is alright but u have to watch urself, I myself was almost burned hard by best buy, but it was my quick thinking, and common sense.

they had those tdk 16dvd-r's on sale 25 for $8 so i bought 10 online. i get an email saying their ready for pick up. cool. i head over there, and fine 5 more on the shelf and grab those too. i get to the counter with my license cc, cash, and order number in hand, and the guy brings out 2 50packs for $40 each. im like, WTF is this. i didnt buy those. hes like this is what you ordered, im like, no, i ordered these for $8 each, why would I pay $40 for 50, when I can get 2 of these for $16? hes like look, this is what you ordered, take it or leave it. so finally, i said screw that, ill just take these 5 spindles.... im not paying $80 for 100 dvd's when i initially paid $80 for 250 dvds of the same kind, same speed, same everything. so i bought my 5 and left... what pisses me off, is that the system either checked store inventory seen there was not enuff in stock and then switched out out my order for the more expensive crap. or someone at the store did it. regardless, i thought it was pretty sneaky as a company to try to pull such bs.
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Old 04-07-2006
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Definately sounds like you had a pretty crappy experience at Best Buy.

I know everytime I've gone to Best Buy to buy something, if they are out of stock of the item, the salesman I deal with (the one and only one I deal with, I'll leave if he's not working) tells me to make a fair offer and he'll order it. Needless to say, I've been happy everytime and had my item in less than a week, and at a lesser cost than advertised.
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