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Old 11-12-2004
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Roadrunner is time-warner's offering for broadband cable internet.
It costs 44.95 a month bandwith actually achived aprox 42k/330k (up/down)

I just upgraded mine to the new roadrunner premium they started
69.95(with digital cable) Bandwidth actually achieved 62kb/750.
I tell you I thought the old roadrunner was fast.. But I downloaded
winxp service pack 2 280meg in 5m 54sec.
A 3500meg file in 1h 27min.(on bittorrent no less)
Thats just dam fast.
Overall I'm happy I'm just not sure I can justify the extra $$$. I may keep it around for a couple monthes though.
My gaming ping in tac ops also used to be about 60-100 (depending on server)
it dropped about 15% or so I now get 50-85 or so.
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Old 11-12-2004
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i love roadrunner cable internet... best i have ever known...
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Old 11-12-2004
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Location: McKinney, TX
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I'm on SBC DSL. I pay $36.95 a month for 3mbit down/384Kbps up. Best deal I've found in my area. I typically get about 300kbps on downloads. Pings vary per game....
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Old 11-12-2004
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Used to have 'RoadRunner' when I was up in the rock (ie Rochester, NY). They did good by me. We've had ATT (now Comcast) cable for ever and week around here, they done good too. Comcast now offers the same higher speed option (for more scratch of course). A co-worker here at the shop went for it, he too is all bd's. Sadly I can't use cable anymore as my building has wiring from slightly BC! So I've moved on to DSL. Aparently my area and my building particularly has crap wiring. In it's defense, the building was built in the mid 1800's..
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