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Old 04-22-2010
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Originally Posted by ShadowRanger08 View Post
well, looks like they're going to pay the 9grand in repairs for the truck. still boggles my mind, for $3,500 more they can write it off. and i'm going to be going after them for loss of value for the trade in value (looking at a 3 grand loss) so yay. fml. i hate insurance.
You said you were at the dealership jsut before the accident. See if the sales man can give you a written statement that they were going to offer you 10,000 for it on (day you brought it to them) and another that states with the recent accident it is worth X. Take it to the insurace and see what they say.

Can't hurt to give it a try.
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Old 04-23-2010
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my truck was lifted, but at the time of the accident was 100% stock (thankfully)

I actually got a written statement from the dealership saying it was worth 10,000 before the accident, and now with an accident repair title, is only worth $7,000 so I'm going to be going after the other guys insurance company for compensation for that.. and the fact that i now have to go to physio and am missing work, and the headache that all this has been dealing with insurance and their BS
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Old 04-23-2010
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That sucks going through all that insurance crap. I hope having the written statement works out for you!
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Old 04-26-2010
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maybe after its fixed lifting it back up could do the resale value a little more good? so sorry to hear about your truck.

i remember 3 days after i put my truck on the road, some F***ing woman driver pulled out in front of me and i was going 45mph or a little over. i had to slam on my brakes and skid the tires. if i had hit her it would have been totaled easily and been her fault. except i'd be in prison for murder so need to worry about insurance...
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