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Old 05-16-2010
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Originally Posted by Robin Hood View Post
I think its pretty cool. I don't see why you're all hating on it. Lots of the people *****ing about it do stupid/pointless mods too. It's a good lookin truck.
exactly if everyone did the mod that was cool then all our trucks would be the same... Someones gotta be different.
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Old 05-16-2010
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Originally Posted by --weezl-- View Post
why do so many people on this site paint their headlights? doesn't serve any useful function, if anything the corners painted detract from the safety and visability of the vehicle, and being that the lights have been altered, they are actually not DOT approved anymore...
still says dot on the lens
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Old 05-17-2010
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Originally Posted by Toms994x4 View Post
Ok? We have all bought **** to change the appearance of our trucks, his was just more creative...His money is his money...
Originally Posted by Tom's sig View Post
Originally Posted by --weezl-- View Post
seldom will i say this, i agree with tom 100% here...
please never make me repeat that AGAIN

Originally Posted by Melt View Post
still says dot on the lens
lol FU, you know what i mean

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Old 05-17-2010
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I think it's nice. Very unique. None of you did the work so thats why so many of you are unappreciative of it. I'm pretty sure he did it for him not for you, so lets quit knockin the guy.
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Old 05-17-2010
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LOL tools are 'gon be tools....time and time again...

Has anyone posted the link to the RPS thread where someone did the exact same work to the bed as what's done to this truck?? Really....quite a bit of work and I absolutely love that dually ranger. I'd like to have twins.....one slammed on it's ******** tucking 19's. The other with all F150 under the sheetmetal...8.8 front w/ custom width and/or custom cv's, 9.75 rear narrowed....all retaining the overall same width and height as this truck in the OP here. 4BT cummins and NV4500.

The only thing I dislike about the build, is he has a massive fail with that clearence light on the tailgate. Come on meow..... My truck isn't as impressive and my clearence light is very clean looking and mounted between the gate and bumper......all stealth like. Overall....GREAT build....great originality. And I totally agree with 8.8 go boom~! lol.
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Old 05-30-2010
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I like it, Be better if it had a 4bt and a Narrowed '44
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Old 07-04-2010
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Originally Posted by bonez View Post
and that dually is gay. most people that drive 350s never use them to their full potential..i dont see what the point of putting 6 wheels on a ranger is..it can barely turn 4.
my friend has had duallies since he was able to drive. he actually uses them, even when theyre lifted. hes got an 07 lariat now that he bought our sr year and its bad ***. has 4.30 gears lol. diesel sucker but it will haul one hell of a load. and thats prolly bc you have a 4 banger, my 4.0 with 4.10s i had turned 33s np
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