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Old 04-27-2008
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Worst off road ing pictures ever!

Well I was going a little crazy with all this ****ty weather and my weekend plans being canceled. I decided to go for a tour of SoDak via Minimum maintenance roads in my explorer with bald a$$ good years! (I have new tires and wheels on order) Did I mention I was by myself in unfamiliar areas?

Anyway, I planned on taking a crap load of pictures of wildlife and South Dakota scenery as well as some of the exploder actually covered in mud. Well plans were cut short after I ripped the exhaust off on a berm in the road. it shouldn't be to bad to fix but it is Annoying. I have yet to hear a good sounding V6 and a stock 4.0 OHV with it coming straight out of the cats has to be the worst. Anyways all I ended up with was a dirty explorer, some crappy pics of wild life (The animals are still skittish from hunting season and as soon as I get in range with the camera they bolt) Any way here are the pics:

Name:  P4270172.jpg
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^ The first road I went down, Not much mud, just a lot of snow. It was bumper deep aways in but nothing I haven't been through before.

Name:  P4270173.jpg
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^ Best pic I could get of this guy he was running something fierce.

Name:  P4270177.jpg
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^ another damn runner (My camera was on full zoom so I was a good ways away, no fooling around today)

Name:  P4270179.jpg
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^ The ducks weren't fooling around either

Name:  P4270180.jpg
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^ Would you go down this by yourself with bald **** tires? I know I would!

Name:  P4270181.jpg
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^ This guy stopped long enough to get this pic but he was along ways away.

Anyways it was fun. I will get the exhaust fix this week and be on my way.

I was planning on having better pics for you guys but after the exhaust came off I just wanted to get home.


(Disclaimer, Even though I was by my self I knew eexactly where I was by GPS and my buddy that is living with me til his house gets built was just a phone call away)
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Old 04-28-2008
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Man, I was hoping to see the Caddy covered in mud!
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Old 04-28-2008
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great wildlife pics, John!
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