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UltimateOne 11-23-2015 01:10 PM

1993 2WD Splash W/ 4 Inch Suspension Lift And 2 Inch Body Lift?
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First post here! I appreciate anyone taking the time to view this and assist me. I have a 93 Ranger that was lifted using Rough Country's kit. I love the lift and am highly content with it, but I want just a couple more inches. I was thinking of adding a 2 inch body lift and calling it a day. I've seen it on numerous Rangers (body & suspension lift) and it looks sumptuous! I have a few questions regarding this though:

1.) Compared to a suspension lift, how difficult is installation?
2.) I heard talking of modifying radiators and other such things, what all must be modified with a 2 inch body lift?
3.) Does anyone have more pictures they can provide with a similar set up so I get more of an idea?

Furthermore, if anyone has any advice they can provide please do so. I'm fairly new to the lifting truck game and it can be confusing.

cheese_man 01-16-2016 08:09 PM

you can safely lift your ranger more , by buying longer radius arms

basically you replace the transmission cross member with the new transmission / radius arm mounting cross member

the longer radius arms allow for more lift and better suspension articulation

Skyjacker RA135 Extended Radius Arms For the Ford Ranger

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