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jtscribe52 06-28-2016 09:45 AM

Bearing & hub questions
Got my truck aligned and they mentioned my wheel bearings had a bit of play. Truck has 140K+ miles so not a surprise.

I've been looking online at repair procedures and am wondering . . . with that many miles would I be best off to replace the hub assembly at the same time? Most of the ones I'm finding are for 4WD, is the only thing that I'm scratching my head over.

TheArcticWolf1911 06-28-2016 02:35 PM

As far as the Ranger goes, 4wd and 2wd are built very differently in this area. With a 4x4 Ranger, the rotor is completely seperate from the hub and bearing assembly. The hub bearing assembly is also one piece in a 4x4 application.

4wd and 2wd front wheel bearing, rotor, and hub assemblies are set up totally different. On rockauto, you can purchase a bearing for each side, and it's literally just the bearing.

In contrast, rotors for a 2wd aren't built in the same way. I've never worked on a 2wd Ranger, so I can't say just how these parts go together, but that should at least shine a little light on your problem.

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