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rallyb4000 03-14-2015 11:38 PM

coilover conversion which shocks??
Im doing the coilover conversion on my truck and im making my list of all the parts i need ii decided to order my fox shocks from offroadshocks.com and cant deciede whether or not to get the fox coilover emulsions or remote resevoir is there any major benefit to getting the remote oil resevoir over the regular emulions theyre 60 buck more a piece which aint too bad for the price.

pluss i really like driving a lot on washboard gravel roads withs lots of turns:sombrero:
im originally from idaho but as soon as i get back from deployement ill have the truck in california so ill also be going to thedesert a lot also

2.0 Fox Coilover, Remote Reservoir, 5" Travel 980-02-040
16.42" Extended/11.42" Collapsed Length
Remote Reservoir w/ Optional 90-degree Fittings & Custom Hose Lengths

2.0" Fox Coilover, Emulsion, 5" Travel 980-02-000
16.42" Expanded/11.30" Collapsed Length

BLK02 03-15-2015 08:49 AM

The remote resi's will help your shocks from fading on washboards, if you dont mind paying the extra they are definately better. (They hold more shock fluid and separate the oil from the nitrogen)

rallyb4000 03-17-2015 02:06 AM

Alright will having the remote resi help with the longevity of the shocks also?

mikerider 03-17-2015 09:07 AM


Originally Posted by rallyb4000 (Post 2088051)
Alright will having the remote resi help with the longevity of the shocks also?

It certainly does not hurt. More or less it provides more heat dissipation so the shocks don't fade. Heat = wear so eliminating heat is good.

rallyb4000 03-18-2015 04:39 AM

thanks for all the info guys i think im going with som remote resi's now to just figure out a way to install them where they wont get damaged

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