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Old 05-14-2015
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Icon2 Tapping noise from front when driving..?

I'm at a loss as to what is happening. Have a 2001 xlt 2.3l. I replaced the wheel bearings just two/three weeks ago and I have a weirdish noise coming from what appears to be the front/passenger side... As I am driving I am hearing what appears to be a rotational tapping noise. I don't hear it when I am going fast. But at around 30mph or coasting I can clearly hear what almost sounds like going over bumps and you hear a hollow noise of something hitting the under side of the truck...

I replaced front coil springs a month ago and all rear leaf springs, shackles, mounts, and u bolts. Rotors are about a year old, pads are the same. Both have and appears to be lots of life left in them.

I checked for movement on the tires in the front and there does not appear to be any up and down play other than maybe 1mm if that. No side to side play. I got new wheels and tires 3k miles ago so I doubt it’s them. They were balanced and I even rotated the tires just to see if the sound moved… it did not. I do hear a sound when breaking almost like rubbing noise but only if it’s moderate to light pressure, if it’s a firm pedal depress it doesn’t make that grinding noise.

When on the highway it’s like a hollow sounding whomp noise, think of tapping a hollow tube. I almost thought it was something suspension but you can clearly hear it when just coasting on flat ground, no pot hole invested roads. I just don’t know what else to check. It’s quite annoying.

Would a rotor that is warped even just a little make a noise like that? I hear it when the car is moving or when it’s rotating. I jacked up the truck and tried to spin the wheel but I am not doing it fast enough to hear any noises.

Any inside might be helpful at this point if I am missing something… Other than that the truck is quiet, the new tires are super silent and if it wasn’t for this noise it would be good… but since the truck is quiet this is all I can hear. I don’t want to just throw parts at it but I’m tempted to buy new rotors just to see if that sound goes away?

Will also note that when going over bumps it's not amplified nor is it sometimes even make the noise, Seems to be just in the 30mph range. Steering wheel also has no vibration or shaking at all.

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It could be the brakes sticking or there is something inside your wheel and tire that creates that noise.
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