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Old 12-12-2005
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It seems like most people like 10's for looks, but no real comments on advantages offroad. So for the person initally asking the question still to be answered is: what are YOUR goals for your truck? From that will come your answer, and not anything anyone on here decided.

If you want looks, I'd say 10's without a doubt. But there are disadvantages to a wider rim aired down -- so that's a consideration also. Few of us will be running bead locks (other than the "fake" ones) on our trucks, so it's a possible issue for you if you will be airing down much.
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Old 12-12-2005
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Originally Posted by afi_pilot85
weee 15x10's on edge stock suspension with a mild crank on the bars. Never rubbed even when i jumped it lol...oh yah im on 32x11.5x15's by next time i hope to have a lift on so i can go with 33x12.5x15's if not ill go with 32x12.5x15's like 8 of my friends have rangers and of all my friends setups, i think my 10" looks better and could look even better with 12.5 wide tires....

i was in the same place u were a couple months ago. I ended up getting 10" hoping not to have probs. none yet rides hecka smooother. stiff only cause of my torsion crank. sweeeeet traction.

goodluck tho man!

what rims are those?

looks like im picking up a set of 15x8 mickey thompson IIs with the fake beadlock rings
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Old 12-12-2005
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IMO I would get the 15x10 only if you plan on going to a tire wider then 12.5 later down the road.
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Old 12-12-2005
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Yea I'd go with 15x8's less chance of the tire comin off the bead when your wheelin. 10's would look more aggresive though you'd have to talk to people runnin that setup about wheel bearing issues. I ran 15x7s with my 12.5s for a couple months on and off road, you could feel a little extra shimmy in the wheel when on the trail but I'm sure over time it's not a good setup for the street.
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Old 12-12-2005
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Old 12-12-2005
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dun remember who asked ion 170's hecka cheap compared to the m.t's and when u order the ring only comes in silver so udhave to spray em or get them powder coated which i got a quote at like 60 ish for all 4.

and back to the real topic...I agree with ranger1 in that 10'sare ideal if you plan on going 12.5 or wider down the road. although i have 11.5s and they sit nicely and im getting sweet traction all the way as i mostly do city and highway miles.
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Old 12-13-2005
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I often find myself wishing I had gotten 15x8s instead of 15x10s, simply because I don't like how far the tire sticks out in the front. I think 15x8s would sit in a little better, and make the truck look a little taller. Here's a pic so you can see how much they stick out...(15x10s on 33x12.50 tire)

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