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Old 07-19-2005
optikal illushun's Avatar
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im not here to change anyones mind. im here to offer alternate options and unbiased reviews. if someone askes for help choosing a product and 10 members chime in with the same thing then the person will most likely get that. but what good is that? most people here seem brainwashed by certain people who have a one tract mind. maybe that product isnt the best for the persons needs. having a broad range of options is best so the person gets a wide perspective of views to decide which product is best.

off topic, im die hard ford blue but i am quick to admit there faults. and ill admit the pros/cons of any auto maker.
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Old 07-19-2005
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Originally Posted by solodos
I meant labels as in "mud tire" "maximum traction" etc
Ah. Well, obviously you see the difference between the label "All Terrain" and "Mud Terrain" right? I dont think you would argue I am looking into labels too much there. But perhaps MT/R vs MT are close enough not to be too knit picky about...but the point I was trying to make was that there are people who will boast about something and not even know what they are boasting about. It kind of makes their comment less credible. Just as you say people will boast about product A without ever even having tried product B.
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Old 07-19-2005
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Originally Posted by Draimen
This is no different than blind loyalty to Ford or any other auto maker....people will always be loyal to products/brands whether they have reason or not. Who cares what they have? IF you have what you want, and they have what they want everyones happy.

Why do you people feel you must change everyones minds? I mean, this site is here to give advice, not argue about what is better between A and B
It is hard to get advice when it is all biased. Im glad you brought up the ford loyalty...go search my nissan thread. I am not gettign a Ford as my next ruck, going Nissan or Toyota. I jsut bought a Jeep for my trail rig.

Do I hate for no, but I am looking at other options and right now I like the other options. (lets not do this debate again please, i was jsut making a point of not being blindly brand loyal).
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Old 07-19-2005
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i have an idea lets get a mtr and a bfg and beat eachother with it and who die's first that tire is better!!!! just a thought
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Old 07-21-2005
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bfg's suck cuz they only make them up to 35. Mt/rs are too damn expensive when you get above 37, but above that they only come in 40's.

Thats why i'm getting tsl's.

I like zach's idea. I have 5 bfg's we can use, WITH rock crawlers!
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