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Old 02-22-2010
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aspect ratio question and goodyear comparison

i looked at sizes in another thread (goodyear duratrac thread) and the OP has 245/75/16 and this translates to a 30.47x9.65. my 255/70/16 translates to a 30.06x10.04. my question is, how is the 245s larger then the 255s?

i understand that the middle is the aspect ratio or sidewall, but even though the first number is width and i'm wider dose the aspect/sidewall ratio really effect the size that much?

i was certain that i wanted to get the MT's w/kevlar but the dura's look just as good and come in both 245/75/16 (30.47x9.65) and 265/75/16s (31.65x10.43). so do the duratracs. the traction/quietness is rated like this for both tires. taken form the goodyear site.

MT's duratrac
dry 8 8
wet 7 8
snow 7 10
off road 10 9
quiet 5 6

pretty close to me. (edit, this chart didn't turn out like i wanted since i didn't type the way i should have. MTs on left, Duras on right. single digits the whole way down)

so my questions about comparisons are these. does anyone have some estimates in milage for both? the issue about load rating came up and E is harder then C (on back order acording to the previous mentioned thread) would E get a better treadlife beause of the harder compound?
i'd prefer answers from members who have gone through a set of tires from nibs to bald not just guys who have 5-10k on them. but all answers would be looked at.

the only amount of lift i'd be doing would be prekey and either aal or shackles. i'm undecided about the rear since aal would be nice over shackles but i don't tow or haul much with my truck and i don't know if i'd want it any stiffer of a ride then it is right now.

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Old 02-22-2010
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You're looking at a half inch in Diameter, which really isn't bad. (245 75 vs 255 70).

I like the 245 since the truck stays mostly on the road, and having wider tires cuts down on its ability to go through the snow on pavement. Plus I do lots of pulling of trailers with the truck, and don't need to cut down on its already low power output.
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Old 02-23-2010
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I got the 265/75 R16's on my 2 wheel drive with spindles and shackles and they look alright.

Without a rear gear I'm getting 16 city and 27 highway. Truck only turns 1900 rpm at 60 mph with the 3.73's.

I haven't had the Duratrac's for a long time, but they are a very impressive tire. Actually quieter than the street tires I had on the truck before. And I cant get them to slip much in gravel. You need more than an inch of snow on the ground for them work well in that. Just a dusting and they get skiddish. Road handling is pretty good. Sidewalls are pretty stiff so you can take off-ramps at a decent speed.

I still think there is a $20 dollar rebate on them too right now.
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Old 02-23-2010
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I have the Goodyear Wrangler Territories (Similar to the Duratracs) and I love them. They are as quiet as my last set of BFG T/A KO's and handle just as well in all driving conditions.......and for less the price.

Go for the Duratracs, you'll love them.
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Old 02-23-2010
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The Duratracs are an outstanding tire for our trucks....get them!

The 245s are taller than the 255s because of the aspect rastio (75% of 9.65 width is a bigger number than 70% of a 10.04 width tire). Since you have the 3.73, I would not get the 265/75/16s, because you will suffer some in mileage and power in everyday driving (not a whole lot....but definitely some loss). Stick with 255/70/16 size for biggest look without any performance cuts.

Do not get anything but the C load rated tire unless you're gonna haul heavy loads over bad ground. A D or E will jiggle your brains will not be happy.
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Old 02-23-2010
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255/70 is stock, so the 245/75 is really close. i just put it into a tire calculator site and the difference between the two is 1.4% too slow. if i'm doing 60, i'm really doing 60.8.
the overall circumference is larger by 1.3" so with the small lift i'm doing, it'll look like it does now but three inches higher (2 from lift, 1 from tire). nice.

i also put in the 265/70 and the difference there is 1.8% slow. 60 is 61.1.

now that i'm playing on tire calculator with both numbers, i can see the differences are minute, half inch here for a half inch there.

this is the site i was using to compare.

Tire size calculator
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