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Old 04-07-2013
foxrider1987's Avatar
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km2 balance issue

about a month ago, i changed from 285 75 16 bfg all terains and put on a set of brand new summit 15" steel rims and 33 10.5 15 bfg km2's. i had them put on at the local dealer they mounted and balanced the tires and gave it an alignment. couple of days later i noticed the wheel was starting to shake and the truck was shaking. i took it back to the dealer and they re balanced the tires and i noted wheel weight and position. it made it better but there was still a shake no weights had been thrown or moved. i should also say i know the guy that put them on at the dealer hes been a personal friend for a while so there not just screwing me. i took the truck to a different shop and had them balanced there, thinking maybe the original shops balance machine was bad, and it did not get any better. my questions are this

1. has anyone ever had an issue balancing these tires
2. what else could be causing this (shocks are tight and only a year old blisteins)
3. has anyone had any luck with adding airsoft BB's or anything else to the tires?

Thanks in advance.
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Old 04-08-2013
ZWilson07's Avatar
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Honestly its probably just your tires, but that is kind of shocking to me as most of the time BFG's have always balanced and rode amazing.

Especially since your only 10.5 wide I cant believe they didn't balance out better. How much weight did it take to spin balance them?

I would recommend looking into getting them roadforced balanced.

I know my 33x12.5 duratracs balanced like absolute garbage. Im talking atleast 8oz on most of them and I ended up selling them because of it. But I did recommend the new owner getting them roadforce balanced and once he did he said they rode great. Its def what I will do the next time I get a tire that I cant get to balance and ride well just by spin balancing. Both my goodyear tires I have owned balanced like **** and I will probably never buy another goodyear tire because of it. I switched to 32x11.5 bfg's and those damn things balanced out amazing even on spin balacing. Im talking about 1 oz or less on my 2 fronts; and rode like glass.
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Old 04-08-2013
logan03CO's Avatar

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Originally Posted by ZWilson07 View Post
Especially since your only 10.5 wide I cant believe they didn't balance out better.

Those are relatively small tires to have major issues with balancing.

Originally Posted by foxrider1987 View Post
has anyone had any luck with adding airsoft BB's or anything else to the tires?
Yeah, I use Dyna Beads for my 35's & beadlocks - I have no problems with them at all.

I've been running the 'Off Road' Dyna Beads (Dyna Beads- Online Store) since the time I put this setup on.

I used the Off-Road packs because they utilize the larger size beads and are designed for large, aggressive off-road style tires.

Install Info:
Standard Dyna Beads: Installation
EZ-Open/Off-Road Dyna Beads: Installation
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Old 04-08-2013
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bfg's are horrible for balancing. i had a set of 33x10.5.

have them spin each tire, watch the tire and tread. one of my tires had a shift in it, it was warrantied and good as new
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Old 04-08-2013
99offroadrngr's Avatar
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My 33x12.5 balanced fine after they were road forced.
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Old 04-11-2013
foxrider1987's Avatar
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Location: north prairie wi
Posts: 27
i got them road force balanced but still nothing. i talked to summit racing and to bfg and both saying to double check my lug nut angle. the summit wheels are to use a Conical seat - 60 degree. can anyone tell me what the stock lug nuts are? that what i have been using.
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Old 04-14-2013
Billy4x4's Avatar
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I'm also experiencing balancing issues with my 33x12.5 KM2s...

My first set were great. They had approx 25,000km and they were wearing fine and rode great.. Started to notice a shimmy/shake after I rotated tires... had them rebalanced and they weren't able to get 2 of them to balance out at all... BFG kindly replaced two under warranty and I decided to buy another 2 so that all 4 would be brand new... Had them all roadforce balanced and the tech at the the tire shop was stumped that they required so much weight to balance, and they still shake at certain speeds.

Also tried the balancing beads and they were terrible (after reading tonnes of good reviews about them)

..tried balancing beads, roadforce.. different tire shops.. with no luck. About ready to give up on them and go for a set of something slightly less aggressive.

Sorry to threadjack.. just my experience with the KM2s!
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