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Old 03-20-2012
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Yeah just because you can tow it doesnt mean you can stop fast enough if needed to.
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Old 03-20-2012
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Originally Posted by billygoat1 View Post
under estimating the ranger again....

i would agree with you tho.. just because you can doesnt mean you should.... thats why theres wieght limits.... but..... people like me like to prove "under estimating people" wrong....

my dads f-350 doesnt feel anything under 20000 lbs...
my ranger feels everything i throw on the hitch but its amazing when i pull things most people with v8s wont pull. i show up at the scrap yard with my ranger and trailer and wiegh in at almost 10000 lbs and leave wieghing 5000 lbs.

dont get me wrong if i had the chance to drive a v8 or my 3.0 i would pick the v8.

i also have an automatic and i dont tow boats unless its my ga-new. so i dont know about boat ramps.

my ranger pulls my scrap trailer full at 55mph without a problem but i do know its there when i shift and brake and take off but at a stedy pace it has no problems
I hope you never get into an accident
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Old 03-21-2012
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The things I got going for me when I pull that pontoon is i never have to worry about being a tailgater. And the deck of my pontoon starts about level with the top of my cab. When I let of the gas its like a dang parachute it really helps slow me down for stops.

And braking is important that's one of the things you here on truck commercials "it can pull 20,000 thousand pounds and has oversized brakes standard to help you stop the load as every trucker knows what good is towing a heavy load if you can't stop it!"

Since the wife lost her job and things got lean it was the big pretty dodge ram or the boat that had to go. I chose to keep the boat because I knew the ranger would get the job done. And 12 miles to the gallon with not having a need for it is senseless to me as I don't care about looking pretty driving down the road.

Now if I could just get off my lazy butt and get me those 4.10's or 4.56's I think the 3.0 would do just fine up those steeper boat ramps. Good thing I carpool and don't have to drive more than about 50 miles a week.

Fun times.
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Old 03-27-2012
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Took the boat out for the first time over the weekend. Had zero problems pulling her out on a slippery boat ramp with growth, so no need for posi. Just wished there was better fuel economy and passing power. I guess tune, pulleys, and e fan are next on the list.
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Old 03-27-2012
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might as well get a bigger tranny cooler while youre at it
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Old 03-28-2012
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28ft searay... tips the scale at just under 11,000lbs by itself!

No i didnt leave my driveway with it. at 3mph, that thing pushed me ALL over the place, and a couple times, I didnt slow down soon enuff (from 3mph) and it pushed me out into the street.

with that said, I can attest to the fact that the ranger, with a 4.0 can not safely haul 4 face cords of wood. Its too much weight for the truck. Sure, it can pull it... but the problem is stopping the load, as well as the damage it does to your suspension. As it sits now, my rear leafs look like W's with the axle hanging free LOL
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Old 04-07-2012
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Most i ever towed with my 99 3.0 was a 4000-5000 pound 1988 monte carlo SS on a car dolly, had a class 3 hitch, new rear shocks, leafsprings, hangers and shackles. It towed very well except when braking fast or going uphill, but on the last turn before home going about 20-25 turning 45* the trailers weight pushed the ranger almost Jackknifed but it regained control.

For towing boat trailers the most important things to check is the condition of the wheel bearings and axel.

While towing home our 2500 pound 17 ft boat with our 06 explorer the axel on the trailer, which we had repaired exploded on the right wheel side. The tire broke off flying thru the wheelcover into the air and landed in the woods, then the trailer fell on the axel going 65 mph on a 70 mph road. Got it stopped without flipping or Jackknifing it but the dragging axel showered sparks along the side of the highway starting 3 fires ... 1 under a small bridge i had just passed after tire shot off. Few people stopped to help put them out and no one got hurt or hit still scary experience. After getting a new axel towed it home 150 miles with the ranger without issue and it towed it better then the explorer did. Also having proper axel placement/tounge weight on the trailer will help keep sway down and help save your shocks some. Our boat weighs 2500 pounds but tounge weight is 80-100 pounds because of the axels placement. The trailers own suspension is doing more or the heavy lifting that way. Some trailers must have a heavier tounge weight or there will be too much sway.
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