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Old 11-26-2005
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Autlite part number

I went to Autozone tonight for new spark plugs. I figure with the stop and go traffic I spend 90%+ of my time in, plus how dusty it is here, and some of the wheeling I've done that I wouldn't hurt to pop in new plugs to just err on caution. I'm at 21K miles. I was also looking at fuel filter replacement. But anyhow....

So tomorrow morning will be the last day I have any time to put into my truck during day light hours until this semester is over on Dec 9th. So as I said I went to Autozone. The only plugs they had for the '04 4.0L V6 were:

Bosch Plat. +4
Bosch Plat. -2
Bosch Plat.
Bosch Super
Autolite Resistor (part number 5143)
AC-Delco Rapidfire (they have to order)
Champion Double something (part 7407)
Champion Double Plat. Power (part 3407)

I know I want platinum at the least as it's OEM for starters and thats what I put in my '93 4.0L.

So the guy at the counter takes a look at the Autolite Platinum he has. It was part number 5144. He said it was the same length as the 5143, just the platinum version. So I'm thinking BS for one since it didn't come up on product search and two all the searching (unsuccessful) I've done on here doesn't list an actual part number. I tried Autolite's site but they say there's no products available. Ford doesn't open until Monday and I only have a 2 hour break that day, which by the looks of the passenger side is not going to be enough time to manage the mumbling of colorful metaphors to reach 2 of those plugs, let alone put the new ones in. So any suggestions? Napa's closed and I didn't get to check Checker's since they closed at 8.

Also, any suggestions on wires? Autozone lists Duralast (part 4698) for my year and engine., wanting $44.99 for the set.

Some searching turned up Autolite AP5143.....AUTOLITE Part # AP5143
OE Style; Gap .054 {PLUGS Platinum}
**Sold in packs of 4**
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Old 11-26-2005
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regular autolite plus start with A
platinums with AP
APP is platinum plus

the number he suggested is one heat range hotter than the other plug, you dont want it

they didnt have motorcraft?
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Old 11-27-2005
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Sniper. I would say you are way too soon on needing a new set of wires, unless you want to add some color under the hood. On the plugs, I changed at 40,000 on my 4.0 and they still looked good. On other trucks I changed for the first time at 60,000 80,000 and 100,000 and those all needed it definately. The gap widened out a bunch and the platinum was burned off.

I would change the air filter if you haven't done that.
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Old 11-27-2005
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No motorcraft! Go figure! I've done a few long hard trips and a some local rough trips as well. I just figured safe that sorry. I'll probably just pull a couple of plugs and check em tomorrow. If they're still good then I'll hold off. On my '93 I got it with 127K on her. I changed plugs around 155K. My O2 sensors had gone on her, I had them replaced when performance started sucking @$$. I was still getting crappy performance so it was suggested to check my plugs. WOW were they crapped out! 2 of my 6 were completely wasted.

Air filter wise, I've been changing every oil change. First oil change was around 1.5k miles after I got her. I got her with 2871 miles and a week after getting her took her out to Phoenix, AZ (about 1k miles round trip). So I changed after the trip. First change was reg oil, second was castrol synthetic blend, 3rd, 4th, 5th have been straight castrol pure synthetic. Since my first change in her all other changes have been every 4-5k.
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