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Old 06-13-2009
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Flushing power steering system?

Could someone please explain how to flush the power steering system? My truck has 92,000 miles on it, and this has never been done. I've had 2 mechanics tell me that it is more trouble than it is worth.
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Old 06-13-2009
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mines a 97 and i have never flushed the pwr steering fluid or any other car i have ever owned but if your looking to do it at home yourself suck the fluid out the resivior pour in some PS cleaning fluid run the truck steer fully lock to lock 3 or 4 times then repeat a couple times after that on your last steer suck cleaning fluid out and pour new fluid in or have it done at shop they will have a machine that sucks and fills much faster but more costly do not suck fluid out completely if you do could airbound the system if you have air in the system steer lock to lock several times with engine off ,,,,you will know if air is in there when running the engine because the fluid sometimes will be foamy G/L
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Old 06-14-2009
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I've got to change mine sometime too.
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Old 06-14-2009
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Don't really know of anyone who flushes/changes out the power steering fluid - short of it getting contaminated, or unless you have a leak, pretty well everyone leaves it alone.

I've never completely flushed mine, but what I do is, I'll suction out as much of the old fluid as I can, add some new fluid, drive for a couple of days, repeat the process.

While I realize that I'm not changing the fluid (just diluting the old with the new), it's easier than flushing out the system, and I get the satisfaction of knowing the the fluid is relatively new and clean. I do this every couple of years.

Don't have any unequivocal proof that this "helps" in any real qualitative way, but I don't mind doing it, and it certainly can't hurt.

BTW, over 300,000 km (over 200,000 miles) on the truck, all original, and the power steering pump doesn't even have the "squeal" that Ford PS pumps are known for.
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