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Old 08-13-2006
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GURUs needed!!! Pulled an OBD-II i need to fix the problem!

So ive had some pinging issues for a while now and after changing plugs, cleaning the MAF, and various other things, I finally pulled a check engine code from my check engine light wasnt on but i checked for codes anyway and i got the code:


What the code signifies:
Fuel Level sensor circuit malfunction

possible causes:
* Empty fuel tank
* Fuel pump (FP) stuck open
* Incorrectly installed fuel gage
* Damaged instrument cluster
* CASE GND circuit open
* FLI shorted to VPWR
* Damaged PCM
* Overfilled fuel tank
* Fuel pump (FP) module stuck closed
* Damaged fuel gauge
* FLI circuit open
* FLI circuit shorted to CASE GND or PWR GND
* CSE GND shorted to VPWR

I have never worked on my instrument cluster so theres nothing there i could have messed up. My fuel tank has never run empty and my fuel tank has never been over filled. My fuel gauge least it works as well as any other ranger.

So does anyone have any ideas on how i could narrow down the specific cause and remedy it? Something tells me its the fuel pump getting stuck because of the pinging as it shifts from 4th to 5th under medium throttle and keeps pinging if i hold the rpms between 2K and 2.5K...

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer.
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Old 08-14-2006
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No help from me, sorry.

But how do you overfill a fuel tank?? lol Usually when that happens you gotta wipe the gas off of the side of your bed.
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Old 08-14-2006
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damn man. I'm glad you got that new programmer. Change your fuel pump. It's pretty inexpensive, and hopefully it'll help..

But wait for Bob to chime in, he's the man.

(wanna come over tomorrow and get me my tuner? )
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Old 08-14-2006
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It takes two trips to confirm a P0460 code and light the CEL. The fact that the code is present but the CEL has never been on means that it was a one time deal. Your list says it could have had several possible causes.

The Fuel Level Input is a single wire from the fuel pump assembly to the PCM with a branch to the cluster. I think this code would probably be triggered for a short or open that pushed the voltage out the range that would be normally seen by the PCM for a healthy FLI.

My money would be on a bad connection somewhere along that wire. It could be anywhere but the first place I would check would be the large 40-pin connector under the chassis directly below the driver seat. It is fairly common to get water and/or corrosion in that connector which can cause a variety of problems on circuits that go to the rear half of the truck. I have that connector packed with dielectric grease in the hope that it will keep the water out.
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Old 08-14-2006
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Heres a misconception we ALL have.

"I have never worked on my instrument cluster so theres nothing there i could have messed up"

You are correct, nothing you would have ' messed up ', but it doesnt mean something couldn't have failed.

None of us ' mess with ' our waterpumps or breaks, but they both need replacing every now and them. Electrical components are subject to ' wear and tear ' just like everything else.

Pinging and ' detonation ' occure from timing and ' junk fuel ' issues. Out of curiosity, your vehical is a 2002.. Have you ever had the Fuel injectors serviced/cleaned? R0ng is on the right idea in regards to looking in the direction of fuel delivery over instraumentation.
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