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Old 01-08-2006
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Probably Gonna Jinx Myself But Here Goes Anyway..........

I'm just curious to know how other older ranger owners are faring with their rides. I own a '93 ranger xlt with 5-spd tranny and of course with a 4.0. When i bought the truck it was claimed by many to be the biggest mistake i would ever make. well here it is the truck is 13 years old and still running AWESOME. i have never done a thing to the engine it is still stock and to be quite honest i am not even a maintance freak. only thing i have ever done is replace the motor on the transfer case at around 150K miles and put new lock out hubs on when the manuals died at around 180K the only other parts that needed replaced so far have been the u-joints in the front drive shafts and wheel bearings on the drivers side front. exhaust is still factory as are the rear shocks(must admit tho if a parts store stocked them locally i would have replaced a few years back) and just for the record this lil truck has been worked its whole life as im a bricklayer that does weekend work for myself and it has been nothing to put nearly a ton of sand in the lil red tank and hook up to my trailer and run to a job. my baby now has 201,489 miles on it and i still get around 18 miles to the gallon running it to work during the week. just curious if there is anyone else out there in the same boat or are you guys all just owners of the luxury modified rangers?
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Old 01-08-2006
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heck yeah, nice to see someone using a truck like it's meant to be used! Those OHV 4.0s are tough engines, I've got 180k on my 91 and it still runs fine with no motor or tranny work ever. Remember- built ford tough!
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Old 01-08-2006
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my old 97 with the 4.0 OHV had 200k on it and ran very smooth and no probs ever would still have it if stupid lady didnt broad side me, but thoes engines are awesom, also my friend with a 94 exploder has 234k miles on his and no probs and still running strong with his 4.o OHV.

also welcome to the sight!!

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Old 01-08-2006
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18 mpg? wish i could say the same...

Glad your having good luck with her.
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Old 01-08-2006
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My Gramps' '87 Ranger (not a 4.0) was a great truck. He sold it when he moved in with us. He had ~220k on it without any major engine work.
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Old 01-08-2006
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My last Ranger was a '93 3.0L auto, 4x4. When I bought it, it had 55K on it, when I sold it 5 years later it had 189K.
1) Strarter - Replaced 3 times ( all were packed with mud after wheelin')
2) Alternator - Replaced twice - once at 90K, once at 165K
3) Auto Hubs - Grenaded at 175K (didn't replace)
4) Driveshaft - Busted at 145K (I have NO idea why that broke)
5) Water Pump - Replaced 5 times (DON'T buy cheesy Auto Zone Water pumps, but the last time me and a buddy changed it in under 25 mins )
6) Coolant Issue - 180K (Would randomly expel large amounts of coolant from somewhere at inopertune times - never found the problem, never fixed it)
7) Exhaust - Replaced twice, once at 95K then again at 155K
8) Transmission - started to slip badly at 115K then fixed itself, Went the way of the Dodo bird at 138K, rebuilt it and it shifted strong 'til I got rid of the truck.

Even though I had all of these problems I still think it's one of the best running trucks I've ever had. I beat the snot out of it regularly (Wheelin' pizza delivery, jumping, etc) and it would never die. It was also cheap and easy to fix.
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Old 01-08-2006
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i have a 93 4.0 with an auto trans and the only thing i had wrong with it was an oil leak from who knows where so my grandpa had a friend who owns a dealership take the engine out and fix the prob never knew what it was but mine for the most part runs great and i use it to haul a craftsman garden tractor in the back and a small trailer be hind all that from site to site. i do landscaping and lawn mowing.
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Old 01-10-2006
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my 93 range 4.0 ohv's problem list so far:

Head gasket blew at about 178,000
needs diffs rebuilt
put new mass airflow in last week
blew out door speakers
front wheel bearings need regreased and tightened up
all of my lift bolts need a tighten when i get home from a weekend of wheeling
needs new rear spring (negative bend not so good)
headliner falling down

other than that its been a good truck at 177,000 miles hopefully she will keep on goin for a while o its a 5 spd also
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