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Old 10-07-2005
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Is it better ?

I currently am installing a 302 in my 94 splash, the motor comes from a 88 stang lx ( speed density ).

I have a chance to trade the remaining of the stang, for the parts needed to convert to mass air, should i ?

the stang is not much good for parts except for tranny - rearend - rims, and other few nick nacks.

I was woundering from all of you with experience, is it worth the effort for the conversion parts?

If i wan't to modify ( more HP ) will i be able to do this more easily with mass air, then speed density? Is 300 HP achievable with little effort? Or am i wasting my time - money - and effort ?

I was thinking that in the future i would like to put in a supercharger, and wondered if the cpu will adjust the fuel/air mix or will i have to get another cpu program?

Thanks in advance
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Old 10-07-2005
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YES......YES.....i hate my speed density ranger...
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Old 10-07-2005
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um, you can get a mass air harness, and computer(A9L) for less than 200 on ebay...

In my opinion, the tranny rear and body are worth more than that.

Mass air is only necessary really if you plan on adding a cam and power adders.

Speed Density is fine with bolt ons, i have full exhaust and upper intake on my speed density fox.

If you plan on adding a cam and a supercharger or turbo, then go for it, if not.. not worth it.

EDIT: To add to my post.

300 rwhp is not easy with just bolt ons. ive seen foxs go high 11's and low 12's with bolt ons.

If you do supercharger, then go mass air.

You can get the computer (A9L), harness, maf, and tube for the intake on ebay , like i said.

As for tuning, you can tune the A9L comp, but, aftemarket computers, are like 300 at most... which would allow better tuning, if i ever go mass air, im not gonna go A9L, im going aftermarket, in the end, its cheaper..

When your doing things like changing mass air flow sensors, there tends to be, alot of having to tune the maf for the injectors.. stockers are 19lb i think.

I would personally sell the car as a roller, and go with a aftermarket comp.
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Old 10-07-2005
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right, speed density isnt bad at all. a lot of the gen 1 lightning guys went to mass air then back to speed density. pick ur poison i guess. just get a chip burned and the SD will be fine.
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