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Glare Car Polish Review

Here's my initial report on applying Glare Car Polish to my 2003 B2300.

So that's it with the Glare Polish applied.

Here's a close up of the hood after Glare:

Here's a close up of the hood before Glare:

Glare was applied on top of my Opti-Coat 2.0 which was applied over a 100% pure / clean OEM clear coat finish.

The truck was built in October of 2002 so it's 11 years old and the previous original owner had not maintained the paint finish very well.

So I had to buff it out first using Scholl S3 Gold, followed by a 2nd buff using: 3D Int'l "HD Polish" .

I used a Meguire's foam pad and a Makita Orbital buffer.


How does Glare Apply?

1. It dries very quickly; as you rub it into the finish it is drying on you. Much like a polishing compound. I used a hand application with a small terry towel.

2. The finish is very slick; really super slick. Big improvement over my Opti-Coat finish.

3. You can apply it to black plastic trim but you must keep working it and then buff it off immediately. If you apply it and let I sit, it will haze on you.

4. It's awesome on glass and its black trim. Creates a super slick finish.

5. The 2nd coat goes on kind of splotchy as the 1st coat makes it so slick that the 2nd coat has a hard time adhering.

I had to use more Glare than I wanted to on the 2nd coat to get a full coverage.

6. It left ZERO streaking on my finish. ZERO.

Ditto for the glass and that really amazed me.

I fully expected to see streaking through the glass but it wasn't there.

7. There is a fairly wide piece of black plastic trim at the base of the door windows.

Glare put a glossy finish on this trim piece that had looked pretty dull before.

8. Durability is the HUGE question.

I have normally found really slick waxes/polishes to have a short life on a vehicle in the past. But Glare has no silicone so perhaps it will hold up.

It's supposed to last 5 years!

I just don't see that happening; but I'll monitor it.


9. I honestly believe that anybody who uses Glare on a clean, 100% pure, clear coat finish, will be ecstatic with this product. It is just so slick!

I use Dawn detergent heavily sudz'd and allow to sit on the finish for about 5 minutes before washing with a mitt.

I then follow with a 25% IPA (Alcohol) to water mix to remove further wax. I then wash with Dawn and look for any areas that are still beading and then hit them with the IPA mix once again.

(This only applied to vehicles that over 2 years old.) You can have a new truck that has ZERO wax/polish/sealant on it and it still beads water simply because you clear coat is in great/new condition)

You want to get the finish to where there is no water beading on it. At that point you are now at a 100% pure clear coat finish.


I whole heartedly recommend the product at this point. I think you will be happy with it as well.

I would find it hard to believe that anybody would complain about the slickness of Glare unless their clear coat is in need of a buff job as described above.

Here's a few more photos:

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Glare Car Polish Review-img_0466_zps43b8e565.jpg   Glare Car Polish Review-img_0447_zpsd59aaa00.jpg   Glare Car Polish Review-img_0445_zpsd4fb8a97.jpg   Glare Car Polish Review-img_0459_zps5f2a21eb.jpg   Glare Car Polish Review-img_0463_zps6889bfa2.jpg  

Glare Car Polish Review-img_0464_zpsf1469c77.jpg  

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