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Chassis Saver VS Por-15

There has been alot of talk on here lately about rusting frames and problems like that. i have been looking at Por-15 and Chassis Saver. Both these paints are designed to put over rust and stop the rust. There are several differences in these 2. I started looking at these paints to put on my truck frame and i found some major differences in the 2 paints.

First Chassis Saver.
Paint Over Rust to Stop Rust Permanently With Chassis Saver Truck & Auto Underbody Coating

CHASSIS SAVER™ is a high solids, VOC compliant, single component chassis paint and underbody coating specially formulated to permanently stop automotive and truck corrosion without the use of primers or topcoats. Chassis Saver’s unique "RUST STOPPING" properties permit its application directly over tightly adhered rust after only marginal surface preparation using a wire brush and/or hand scraper to remove loose scale and rust particulate. Optimum results can be achieved by sandblasting a medium blast profile to surfaces. Chassis Saver bonds to blasted and rusty metal to form a rock hard yet flexible, glaze-like, non-porous finish that won’t crack, chip, flake or peel. It works by isolating metal from oxygen and moisture, and without these factors present... RUST STOPS – Dead in its tracks! Chassis Saver cures by reacting with atmospheric moisture and its cured film resembles that of a catalyzed finish yet no hardeners or activators are used. Chassis Saver is completely unaffected by road salt, gasoline, diesel fuel, oils, battery acids, hydraulic fluids, solvents, chemicals, or corrosives.

CHASSIS SAVER™ has proven itself over 10 years under the harshest conditions – More than 350 townships, public works departments and local DOT fleet maintenance facilities use CHASSIS SAVER for protection of snow and ice removal equipment, highway, off road and general vehicle maintenance.
i havent seen anything like this on the por15 website.

“Oh by the way I have bought a gallon of your Chassis Saver
before for my race car, and I have to say that stuff is
awesome. Very high quality product for a very good price.
Sure beats POR-15!!!" — L.M., Woretown, NJ

"I have waited before saying anything about your Chassis Saver
product until I had a chance to try both your product and the
competition. I am very satisfied with the finish and durability.
The restoration I completed 3 years ago looks as if it was done
a few months ago. Your product is by far the most durable and
provides excellent coverage. Chassis Saver is really
awesome paint, it beats the finish of POR-15 hands down."
— J.C., Colorado Springs, CO
Product Description
CHASSIS SAVER™ is a high solids, VOC compliant, single
component chassis paint and underbody coating formulated
to permanently stop automotive and truck corrosion
without the use of primers or topcoats. Chassis Saver’s
unique "RUST STOPPING" properties permit its application
directly over tightly adhered rust after only marginal surface
preparation using a wire brush and/or hand scraper to
remove loose rust and scale. Optimum results can be achieved
by sandblasting a medium blast profile to surfaces.
Chassis Saver bonds to blasted and rusty metal to form a
rock hard yet flexible, glaze-like, non-porous finish that
won’t crack, chip, flake or peel. It works by isolating metal
from oxygen and moisture, and without these factors present
– RUST STOPS, Dead in its tracks! Chassis Saver
cures by reacting with atmospheric moisture and its cured
film resembles that of a powder coating or a baked-on finish
yet no heat or hardeners are used. Chassis Saver is
completely unaffected by road salt, gasoline, diesel fuel,
oils, battery acids, hydraulic fluids, solvents, chemicals, or
NOTE: Chassis Saver is not intended as a “cosmetic”
coating for finishing applications. It is sensitive to direct UV
(sunlight) and its initial appearance will change over time.
Its “RUST STOPPING” properties and corrosion resistance
will never degrade but its color will shift from black to
charcoal gray. Silver-Aluminum will retain most of its original
look. If aesthetics are important, Chassis Saver can
and should be top coated with a quality industrial or automotive
finish. Any opaque finish is effective. Clear coating
is not recommended as protection. See the Technical Data
section on the reverse side for "Suitable Top Coats".
IMPORTANT: Before opening package, read all warnings.
Follow all precautions. Never open a can of Chassis Saver
until you are ready to paint.
Surface Preparation & Application
GENERAL SURFACE PREP: If dirt, grease or oils are present,
clean surfaces using a quality commercial water base
degreaser. For heavy build-up of grease, oil or road tar,
scrape or wire brush excess material prior to degreasing.
Allow surfaces to dry thoroughly.
RUSTED SURFACES: Remove loose rust and scale using a
stiff wire brush, by grinding, or hand tool cleaning. Remove
all loose, peeling or bubbling paint. NOTE: Chassis
Saver works best over rust. Do not over remove rust.
Chassis Saver needs to “bite” into a rough, rusty or well
scratched surfaces for proper adhesion. Use of “rust converter”
products should be avoided as they may affect
bonding of Chassis Saver to metal.
BARE, SMOOTH METAL: Clean, smooth or new metal surfaces
must be roughened prior to coating. Sandblasting is
recommended but manual sanding with 60 or 80 grit sandpaper
is also acceptable. When blasting, provide a medium
to coarse profile for optimum adhesion. Avoid the use of
glass, plastic or walnut shell blast media as they leave surfaces
too smooth.
ALUMINUM: Chassis Saver does not adhere well to bare
aluminum. Prime with a quality 2K epoxy primer or 2K self
etching primer. Do not use 1K self etch primers. It is advisable
to do a test area first to check adhesion.
in sound condition should be thoroughly sanded using a
120 to 180 grit sandpaper to remove all traces of gloss.
GENERAL MIXING & HANDLING: Loosen closure carefully;
container may be under slight pressure. Stir liquid gently
until uniformly mixed. If can has been shaken, allow to
sit 60 minutes before opening. Never work directly from
the Chassis Saver can unless the entire contents will be
used in a single painting session. Using small paper cups
or coffee scoop, withdraw only enough material from original
container for use in one application. After withdrawal,
gently pour a small amount of Magnet S8 Reducer (just
enough to cover surface of paint) over the remaining portion
of Chassis Saver in the original can. DO NOT mix this
solvent into the Chassis Saver. Let it remain on top until
you are ready to use the product again. This procedure is
called a “solvent float” and will prevent air from coming in
contact with the material which will cause premature spoilage.
NOTE: Chassis Saver will glue steel together including
the lid to its own can. Reseal can immediately by draping
plastic food wrap across the open can before pounding lid
back on. Material withdrawn from original container should
be stored separately and used promptly. NEVER RETURN
CONTAINER. Never allow can to sit opened when not in
use. Keep containers tightly closed to prevent contact with
moisture vapor which will shorten shelf life and cause
thickening and gelling. Refrigeration of unused portion will
help extend shelf life.
free from oil, dirt, grease and other contaminants. To avoid
surface defects, bubbling and/or blistering, metal must be
completely free from all moisture prior to coating application.
Apply a minimum of 2 coats and up to 4 coats for
maximum protection. Allow 3 to 8 hours between coats
depending on temperature and humidity. Each coat should
be dry to touch with no tackiness before applying next
coat. Chassis Saver is a moisture cure finish which when
applied too heavily will have a tendency to bubble while
curing. Avoid bubbling by applying thin coats only. Higher
temperature and humidity will shorten drying time. Low
temperature and humidity will lengthen dry.
Do not apply Chassis Saver if atmospheric temperature
is below 50°F. Do not rush to apply coats faster than recommended.
Never use lacquer thinner as a reducer for
Chassis Saver or to wipe surfaces prior to painting.
BRUSH APPLICATION: If brush drag is present or for better
flow and leveling, add up to 10% MAGNET S8 Reducer.
Apply thin, even coats using an inexpensive nylon brush.
SPRAY APPLICATION: All other coatings, lacquer thinner
or alcohol containing solvents must be thoroughly flushed
from spray guns and hoses prior to spray application of
Chassis Saver. A final flush using Magnet S8 Reducer or
xylene helps avoid unexpected results. Reduce up to 15%
using S8 Reducer. Apply medium-wet coats while maintaining
a gun distance of 12 to 14 inches. Spray tip size
should be: .013 to .017, HVLP cup pressure: 6 to 8 psi.
EXTENDED RECOAT: For films cured over 24 hours, sand
using 400-grit abrasive to remove gloss before recoating.
CLEAN-UP: Clean tools and equipment immediately with
S8 Reducer or xylene. Do not leave material in spray guns,
pressure pots or hoses. If allowed to harden on equipment,
use industrial paint stripper for clean-up.
coating rougher rusted surfaces that you apply enough
coats to sufficiently
cover high spots
and peaks of rust.
Moisture will find
even the smallest
pinholes not fully
covered which becomes
the most
common cause for
failure and re-rusting
or rust bleeding
back through the
Magnet Paint & Shellac Co., Inc. • 336 Bayview Avenue • Amityville, NY 11701 • 631-842-7700 • Magnet Paints Manufacturers High Performance Specialty Coatings
Fleet, Farm, Heavy Equipment & Industrial Maintenance Finishes
Product Technical Bulletin MAGNET
Stick it to Rust!
Since 1915
Truck & Auto
Underbody Coating Stops Rust Permanently!
Technical Data & Specifications
© Magnet Paint & Shellac Co., Inc.
Health & Safety Data
IMPORTANT: Spray equipment must be handled with due care and in
accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. Spraying any material
can be hazardous. Wear respirator, eye protection and protective
clothing. This material requires all cautions for spraying isocyanates.
approved by NIOSH/MSHA for use with paints (TC-23C), eye
protection, gloves and protective clothing during application and until
all vapors and spray mist are exhausted. In confined spaces or in
situations where continuous spray operations are typical, or if proper
respirator fit is not possible, wear positive-pressure, supplied-air
respirator (NIOSH/MSHA TC-19C). In all cases, follow manufacturer's
directions for respirator use. Do not permit anyone without protection
in the painting area.
NOTICE: Repeated and prolonged overexposure to solvents may lead
to permanent brain and nervous system damage. Eye watering,
headaches, nausea, dizziness and loss of coordination are signs that
solvent levels are too high. Intentional misuse by deliberately
concentrating and inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal. Do not
breathe vapors or spray mist. Do not get in eyes or on skin. Keep away
from heat, sparks and flame. During use and until all vapors are gone:
Keep area ventilated - Do not smoke - Extinguish all flames, pilot lights,
and heaters - Turn off stoves, electric tools and appliances, and any
other sources of ignition. Do not transfer contents to bottles or other
unlabeled containers for storage. Close container after each use. Use
only with adequate ventilation. Wash hands after using.
IN CASE OF FIRE: Use dry chemical, carbon dioxide or water spray
fog. Closed containers may rupture or explode when heated. Keep cool
with water spray.
FIRST AID: If affected by inhalation of vapor or spray mist, remove to
fresh air. If breathing difficulty persists, or occurs later, consult a
physician. In case of eye contact, flush eyes immediately with large
amounts of water for at least 15 minutes and call a Physician. In case
of skin contact, remove promptly by wiping, followed by waterless
hand cleaner and soap and water. If irritation persists, see a physician.
ROOM OR PHYSICIAN IMMEDIATELY; have label information available.
DO NOT induce vomiting. Remove and discard contaminated shoes
and clothing or launder before reuse.
SPILL/WASTE: Remove all sources of ignition. Ventilate area and
remove spilled material with inert absorbent. Dispose of contaminated
material and/or unused contents in accordance with local, state and
federal regulations. Careless disposal of any product is not
environmentally responsible. Call your local sanitation department for
aid in disposing of unwanted product in your area or call the
Environmental Protection Agency Solvent and Hazardous Waste Hotline
at 1-800-424-9346. Do not dump on the ground or in local sewer or
discharge system.
For further information, please refer to
Material Safety Data Sheet available online at
Magnet Paints - MSDS - Tech Data
Color & Finish: #99 Gloss Black, #934 Antique-Satin Black,
#934 Silver-Aluminum, #98 Floor & Machine Gray, #92 Clear
Vehicle Type: Moisture curing polyurethane
Pigment Type (varies by color): Carbon black, aluminum, titanium
dioxide, proprietary anti-corrosive compounds
Solvent Type: Aromatic naphtha, 1-methoxy-2-propanol acetate
Viscosity at 75°F (24°C): 65 - 75 KU (400 - 700 centipoise)
Flash Point: 108°F (42°C) T.C.C. (Ships UPS Ground, NON-Hazmat)
Solids by Weight: 77%
Solids by Volume: 71%
Weight Per Gallon (varies by color): 8.7 - 10.5 lbs.
VOC: Maximum 2.09 lbs per gallon of coating. (250 GPL)
Application: Brush, HVLP spray, low nap phenolic core roller
Number of Coats Required: Minimum 2, up to 4
Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 4 to 8 mils total
*Coverage: 350 to 400 sq. ft. per gallon, 88 to 100 sq. ft. per quart,
22 to 28 sq. ft. per ½ pint. *Coverage will vary depending on
surface profile, application technique and porosity of substrate.
Material losses during mixing and application will vary and must be
taken into consideration when estimating job requirements.
Dry Time at 75°F (24°C): To touch: 3 to 4 hours, Tack free: 5 to 6
hours, Mar free: 6 to 10 hours, Full cure: 24 to 48 hours
Time to Recoat: 3 hrs minimum / 24 hrs maximum. For films cured
over 24 hours, scuff sanding is required using 400 grit sandpaper to
promote adhesion.
Reduction for Spray: Depending on type of spray equipment, reduce
15% by volume using MAGNET S8 Multi-Temperature Reducer.
Brush: If brush drag is present, thin 10% by volume with S8 Multi-
Temp Reducer. NEVER use mineral spirits lacquer thinners or
solvents containing alcohols. Use xylol (xylene) as alternate if S8 is
Resistance To: Abrasion, impact, road salt, battery acid, gasoline,
diesel fuel, solvents, chemicals, salt air, corrosives and temperature
Pot Life: Do not open until ready to use! Any moisture contamination
of this product will cause hardening in the container. Pot life after
opening will depend on humidity and moisture introduced to the
Shelf Life: Minimum 36 months in unopened containers.
Packaging: ½ Pint (8 oz), 1 quart, 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon drum
Suitable Top Coats: MAGNET 4800 Series Synthetic-Urethane
Enamel, MAGNACRYL™ 9000 Series Acrylic Enamel or
MAGNATRON™ 5000 Series Acrylic Polyurethane.
Performance Properties *
Initial Gloss, 60°: Gloss Black = 100, Antique-Satin Black = 35
Silver-Aluminum = 25, Light Gray = 100
Pencil Hardness ..................... F
Direct Impact, in/lbs. .............. 125
Reverse Impact, in/lbs. ........... 45
Acid Resistance ..................... 10
Caustic Resistance ................. 10
Solvent Resistance ................. 10
*Minimum cure time - 7 days ambient: Acid, caustic and solvent
resistance are rated on a scale of 10 - 1, with 10 equal to no effect
after a 24 hour spot test. Solvents and substances tested include:
MEK, Toluene, Naphtha, Grease, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Gasohol, and
Road Tar. Acids tested with ratings of "10" include solutions of: 5%
Sodium Hydroxide, 20% Hydrochloric Acid, 20% Phosphoric Acid,
5% Tannic Acid, 10% Sulfuric Acid.
LIMITED WARRANTY: Since the use and application of this product
is beyond the control of the seller or manufacturer, the sole
responsibility under this guarantee and under any other warranty or
guarantee, expressed or implied, in connection with the sale and use
of this material, shall be the return of the purchase price of this
material or, at the seller's option, replacement of the material, if
proven defective. Neither labor costs nor any consequential
damages are covered by this limited warranty. This product is sold
subject to the understanding that the buyer assumes all risks of use
or handling which may result in loss or damage which are beyond
the control of Magnet Paint & Shellac Co., Inc. such as,
incompatibility with other products and the manner of their use or
deemed to have accepted the terms of this notice which may not be
What's correct for your application?
UCP99 Gloss Black – As a primer or finish coat, Chassis
Saver has become the industry standard for high performance
protection on all underbody surfaces including
frames, floor boards, engine compartments, trunk areas
and under fenders. The #1 choice for fleet maintenance
at hundreds of public works facilities, DOT shops, truck
maintenance and fleet refinishing shops nationwide. Extensively
used on snow and ice removal equipment saving
thousands of dollars in costly repairs.
UCP970 Antique-Satin Black – For factory original restorations
on all underbody and engine compartment surfaces.
Cures to a silky smooth sheen. Use silver-aluminum
as a base coat/primer.
UCP934 Silver-Aluminum – Used as a pre-primer under
gloss or antique-satin black. Heavily filled with over two
pounds per gallon of flake aluminum to help smooth and
fill pits and deeper rust damage. Interleaving flake creates
an incredibly dense barrier to prevent moisture permeation.
Commonly used for marine barge and oil field maintenance.
Great for metal roofs, steel truck rims and to rejuvenate
tired, rusting chain link fence.
UCP98 Floor & Machine Gray – The ultimate machinery
refinish coating and for heavy duty protection of interior
industrial concrete floors. Coatings can be applied with
surface temps as low as 36° F.
UCP92 Clear – Used as a pre-primer on smooth tight
rust. Penetrates and displaces oxygen to stop further
rusting. Makes an unbelievable concrete sealer for warehouses,
garages or work shops.
Other suggested uses...
Chassis Saver is not limited to automotive or industrial
rust control and has found literally thousands of rusty
uses such as heavy equipment, truck beds, snow plows,
mower decks, tractors and other farm machinery, oil field
equipment, boat trailers, buses, military vehicles, dumpsters,
roll offs, fork lifts, propane tanks, truck bodies,
storage tanks, structural steel, pipes, iron works, gates,
fence posts, chain link, steel truck rims, metal roofs,
sheds, and concrete floors.
Skin contact is not harmful but should be avoided. To prevent
temporary staining, remove from skin at once using S8 Reducer
or lacquer thinner then wash immediately with soap and water.
Do not attempt to remove dried Chassis Saver from skin
with solvent; soak in warm, soapy water. Once product has
stained skin, only time will remove it. Barrier creams are not
recommended where it is possible to cover with protective
clothing. Use vinyl or nitrile gloves. Latex is not recommended.
CHASSIS SAVER™ has proven itself under
the harshest road conditions that exist
More than 750 townships, public works departments and
local DOT fleet maintenance facilities use Chassis Saver
for routine protection of snow and ice removal equipment,
highway and off road trucks, construction equipment and
general vehicle maintenance.
Choose from 5 available finishes Paint Directly Over Rust
99 970 934 98 92
BY u.S. Military & d.o.t.
Chassis Saver is approved by
the U.S. Military
The Ohio DOT says:
for "Vehicle
life expectancy extension by
reducing severe corrosion".
the highly corrosive situation
caused by salt and liquid calcium chloride, Chassis Saver has
reduced by 50 percent the amount of refinishing we have had to
do on our snow and ice removal vehicles”.
Auto Restoration • Industrial • Agricultural • Fleet Maintenance • Marine • Home
POR-15-POR-15 Inc.


POR-15® is a high-tech, high performance rust-preventive coating designed for application directly on rusted or seasoned metal surfaces. It dries to an incredible rock-hard, non-porous finish that won't chip, crack, or peel, and it prevents rust from recurring by protecting metal from further exposure to moisture.

Use it to coat rusty frames, floor pans, farm equipment, marine equipment, or even a heavily corroded battery tray.

POR-15® is sensitive to UV light (sun) and must be topcoated for prolonged exposure to sunlight.
Topcoating is not required for areas not exposed to sunlight.
Por 15 is a litle different you cant just throw this stuff right onto a rust frame.

1. Never open the POR-15 can until you are
ready to paint.
2. Make sure surface to be painted is
bone-dry. Use a hairdryer if necessary.
3. You must use Metal-Ready fi rst if you are
painting POR15 on new steel, galvanized
metal , aluminum, or any smooth metal
4. Do not apply POR-15 to a “tacky” surface.
Wait till the fi rst coat is dry to the touch before
applying a second coat of POR-15
5. Do not paint directly from the POR-15
can unless you are going to use up all the
paint in one session. Stir contents of can
thoroughly, then dispense a quantity of POR-
15 into a separate container and seal can
immediately using plastic food wrap between
lid and groove of can. If can is sealed metalto-
metal with paint in the groove, can will be
sealed permanently.
Best Method: keep groove free of paint by
using coffee scoop or similar device to
Note: Leftover paint should not be put back
in can as this will shorten shelf life and might
cause pressure to build up in can, causing
the lid to pop off. Refrigerate unused POR-
15 for longer shelf life.
6. If your job had to be degreaed or cleaned ,
you must use Metal-Ready before applying
7. If you are perspiring and a bead of sweat
drops into the POR-15 can, the paint is ruined
and should be thrown out. It won’t stick
8. Use POR-15 in well ventilated areas only.
We recommend the use an organic vapor
particulate respirator, NIOSH/MSHA
approved, when applying POR-15. If you are
spray painting, you must use an airsupplied
9. Never mix other paints with POR-15. Never
try to add color to POR-15.
10. POR-15 should not be applied over other
paints. It is UV sensitive and must be topcoated
with an opaque paint if left exposed to
the sun.
11. Never shake up a can of POR-15. It
should always be stirred.
POR-15® is a high performance coating designed for application
directly on rusted or seasoned metal surfaces and
concrete. POR-15® is non-porous and seals and protects
many surfaces from water, chemicals, salt, and other corrosive
contaminants. POR-15® is an effective anti-corrosive
and rust preventive coating that offers superior chemical
resistance due to its dense, cross-linked molecular composition
and non-porous attributes.
Product Description
POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint
POR-15 Restoration Products
Rust Preventive Paints
Typical Applications
POR-15 Inc. P.O. Box 1235 Morristown, NJ 07962
P: (800) 457-6715 / F: (973) 887-8007 / Web:
For over 25 years, POR-15® has been applied on thousands
of vehicles and structures around the world. Our
restoration products can be found in Antique Car Museums,
Classic Car Shows, hundreds of body and restoration
shops, as well as on government and local municipality
trucks and equipment. Extend the life of any metal by protecting
it with POR-15®. The following is a small sample of
how people are using our products:
Frame Coating
Snow Plows
Holding Tanks
Air Conditioner & Refrigerator Parts
Field Equipment
Any metal surface suffering from corrosion
When you apply POR-15® to a rusted metal surface, the
fi rst thing you notice is the fl ow of the product and the way
it seems to penetrate the metal. What you are seeing is the
amazing tenacity of POR-15® and the way it chemically reacts
to “grab” onto rusted metal like nothing you have ever
seen! We call this polydigital™ adhesion, and nothing else
can match its’ bond strength and resilience.
This fi rst image displays the polydigital™ (multi fi nger like)
adhesion that POR-15® exhibits on any surface. POR-15®
penetrates the metal, concrete,
or wood and grabs
hold of it to create a bond
unlike any other. Once fully
cured, the surface dries to
a rock hard, non-porous
barrier protecting against
rust and moisture. The
inset represents the dense
molecular structure of POR-
15® that no other coating
While this image shows you the penetration and adhesion
of POR-15®, as well its’ unique molecular structure, other
coatings merely attach themselves to the surface.
This image shows how ordinary paints and coatings adhere
to most surfaces. They rest on top, not really penetrating
the surface to make a secure
bond. These coatings
will chip and peel easily
when something impacts
the surface. That’s why
polydigital adhesion is a superior
technology exclusive
to POR-15 alone.
What makes POR-15® so tough?
Clean mixing and application equipment immediately after
use. Tools should be cleaned with POR-15 Solvent or lacquer
thinner before POR-15 cures. Cleaning is not possible
after hardening. Observe all fi re and health precautions
when handling or storing solvents.
Use only POR-15 Solvent or lacquer thinner for cleanup.
Material Safety Data Sheets should be read and understood
by personnel responsible for supervision and application
of POR-15. All applicable federal, state, local, and particular
plant safety guidelines must be followed during the
handling and installation and cure of these materials. Safe
and proper disposal of excess materials shall be done in
accordance with applicable federal, state, and local codes.
All work personnel should wear gloves, protective clothing,
facial protection shield, mask and protective goggles.
Material Storage
Store materials in a temperature-controlled environment,
45oF - 95oF / 7oC - 35oC and out of direct sunlight. Two-year
shelf life is expected for products stored under these conditions.
POR-15 Inc. P.O. Box 1235 Morristown, NJ 07962
P: (800) 457-6715 / F: (973) 887-8007 / Web:
Physical Data
FINISH Gloss / Semi-Gloss
COLOR Gloss Black, Semi-Gloss
Black, Gray, Silver, and
COMPONENTS Single component
VISCOSITY 250 – 500 cps @ 77ºF
FLASH POINT 104ºF / 40ºC
CURE RATE Depends on ambient humidity.
High humidity equals
faster dry time, which varies
from 3 to 6 hours.
96 sq. ft. per quart, 384 so.
ft. per gallon – 3 mils
POR-15® is unlike other rust paints because it stops rust
MECHANICALLY rather than CHEMICALLY. Rust can’t be
permanently stopped chemically; it can only be delayed for
a while.
POR-15® stops rust permanently because it keeps moisture
away from metal with a non-porous coating. Moisture
can’t get through POR-15. Metal won’t rust if moisture isn’t
present. Whenever you hear that paint stops rust because
it contains ‘rust inhibitors’, watch out! That’s double-talk for
a temporary fi x at best! The POR-15 method is the only
one that keeps rust away permanently! POR-15 forms a
rock-hard coating that won’t crack, chip, or peel, and it gets
stronger when exposed to moisture. One quart will cover
96 square feet.
Thin, covering coats are best; POR-15® will accept all topcoats
including lacquer-based paints.
POR-15® is a great concrete sealer and is impervious to
fuels, battery acid, oils, etc.
GLOSS BLACK** - use on frames, fl oorboards, fenders,
engine compartments, trunk areas
GRAY - use for marine and industrial applications, also
excellent on concrete
SILVER - contains aluminum and can be used on badly
rusted steel to fi ll small holes and add strength.
CLEAR - dries to a perfect satin gloss. Use on exterior
surfaces before fi nal painting.
SEMI-GLOSS BLACK* - for frames, chassis, fi rewalls,
inner fenders that demand original semi-gloss look
* Keep in Mind that although we suggest our colors for different
applications, POR-15® is versatile and any color can be used in
any situation.
*Please note: POR-15® Semi-Gloss Rust Preventive paint stops
rust and provides a very durable coating, but be aware that it’s
not a cosmetic coating and may show different variations in gloss
depending on the method of application and the surface it’s applied
SPECIAL NOTE: When ordering the 4 - Quart Special, please
note colors and quantities desired in the comments section.

is a MECHANICAL Process,
not a CHEMICAL Process!!
Temp 90F / 32C 75F / 24C 50F / 10C
<30% 2.5 3.5 4 - 5
50% 2.5 3 4
70% 2 2.5 3.5
>90% 1.5 2 3
Drying Time (hours)
Surface preparation and repair are the most important
prerequisites for durability and protection for any coating
system. In fact, lack of proper preparation is responsible
for the failure of approximately 95% of all coatings systems.
All surfaces must be examined thoroughly to determine surface
conditions. Examinations should include checking for
peeling and faded paint, dirt, grease, cracking, surface pits,
bare areas, mildew, rust, stains and structural problems.
Each surface requires its own preparation techniques.
painting will frequently not permit complete removal
of old coatings prior to repainting a particular surface.
Please recognize that any surface preparation, short of
removal of all old coatings, may compromise the service life
of the new coating system. Check compatibility of previously
painted surfaces using a test patch with the coating.
POR-15® works best on properly prepared surfaces free of
previous coatings.
Metal Surface Preparation
Physical & Performance Properties
Abrasion Resistance
(ASTM-C-501) Weight Loss
1 kg load/1000 cycles Zero (0) Loss
Impact Resistance
(MIL-D-3134F sec 4.7.3) Exceeds 16ft/lbs
Impact Resistance
Satisfactory per ¶
(Mil-D-3134F sec 4.7.4)
2,000psi /30min No
Flexural Strength
(ASTM C-580 psi) > 5,200 psi
Compressive Strength (ASTM
C-579 psi) > 12,500 psi
Tensile Strength
(ASTM C-307 psi) > 3,200 psi
Elongation Rate
(ASTM-D-412) 79%
(ASTM-D-635) Self-extinguishing
Bond Strength to Concrete
Concrete fails before
Bacterial & Fungus Resistance
(Mil-F-52505) Zero (0) Growth
Salt Spray Resistance (ASTM
250 hrs @ 98oF / 37oC Zero (0) Change
1000 hrs @ 98oF / 37oC
Water Absorption
(ASTM C-413) 0.0001 maximum
(NACE Stand TM0174)
Thermal cycling
(NTS Climatic Test Cell)
120 day cycle
(-30oF - 140oF / -34oC - 60oC)
Resistance to elevated
temperatures (Mil-D-3134F) 600oF / 315oC
Weather, Temperature,
& Bacterial Resistance
Qualifi cations
POR-15® can be used in USDA inspected facilities per
USDA - FSIS Directive, No. 11,000.4
MARINE CLEAN®, is a water-based industrial degreaser
used for removing all visible oil, grease, soil, dirt, and other
soluble contaminants from machinery parts, turbine blades,
diesel engines, compressors, transformers, bulkheads,
deck plates, bilge areas; removal of oily deposits found
in closed systems such as air conditioning, boiler tubes,
compressor lines, heat exchangers and coils; removal of
light distillates, mineral oils, heavy grease, and all metal
surfaces. After using MARINE CLEAN®, thoroughly rinse
with clean water and allow to dry prior to using METALREADY
After thoroughly degreasing metal surface with MARINE
CLEAN®, apply METAL-READY® to both neutralize any rust
and etch any clean bare metal. METAL-READY® gently
etches metal, creating an ideal anchor pattern for coatings
such as POR-15®, while simultaneously leaving a zinc
phosphate coating to insure chemical bonding of paint and
steel. Avoid other preps that may leave harmful residues
which prevent proper adhesion. METAL-READY® is not
caustic, corrosive, toxic or fl ammable.
Degreasing & Etching
POR-15® Two-Step Method
Surface Preparation Defi ned
POR-15 Inc. P.O. Box 1235 Morristown, NJ 07962
P: (800) 457-6715 / F: (973) 887-8007 / Web:
All of the above performance attributes meet or exceed Industry
and Government standards for coatings in this class
Power Tool Cleaning
Power Tool Cleaning To Bare Metal
(SSPC-SP 11)
This specifi cation is suitable for POR-15® where a roughened,
clean, bare metal surface is required, but where
abrasive blasting is not feasible or permissible and requires
only the removal of loosely adherent materials and does
not require producing or retaining a surface profi le. Use
MARINE CLEAN™ and METAL READY™ to ensure surface
cleanliness and proper adhesion.
Non-ferrous Metal Surface Preparation
Aluminum & Galvanized Metal
Surface to be coated must be clean and free of grease, oil,
or other foreign substances. To clean steel surface:
Mix one part POR-15 MARINE CLEAN™ with 3 parts
hot water.
Spray or pour mixture on surface and scrub with brush
until clean.
Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and dry.
Once the surface is contaminant free, METAL-READY™ is
the next step. Proper bonding will not take place without the
use of Metal Ready. To properly etch the surface:
Spray surface with METAL-READY™ and keep wet for
20 to 30 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly with water and dry.
If a powder residue remains, rinse again with water and
dry thoroughly once more.
*Avoid touching or leaving fi ngerprints on the treated surface.

Areas with Holes or Deep Pits
All deep pits and holes shall be prepared with Marine Clean
and Metal Ready or they should be abrasive blasted and
painted as follows:
blasted to white metal fi nish.
Fill with POR-PATCH® or Epoxy Putty.
In addition, POR-15® PowerMesh Reinforcing Fabric
may be used to provide additional structural reinforcement
or where holes are too large to fi ll properly.
Complete specifi ed paint system


POR-15 Inc. P.O. Box 1235 Morristown, NJ 07962
P: (800) 457-6715 / F: (973) 887-8007 / Web:
Using a sprayer, airless sprayer, brush or roller, apply
a fi rst coat to the surface. Appropriate layer thickness:
50μm / 1-2 mils.
In order to form a complete anchor, apply the second
coat immediately after verifying the dryness condition
of the fi rst coat by touch after 1-2 hours have passed.
Appropriate layer thickness: 50μm/ 1-2 mils.
Second coat (50μm / 2 mils).
For externally exposed areas, topcoat with any POR-15
UV resistant topcoat to block from ultraviolet light.
Application Procedures
Advantages of POR-15®
Completely waterproof.
Abrasion chemical, stain and impact resistant.
Acts as a bridge on cracked areas due to high-level of
Effectively adapts to the expansion and shrinkage of
surface caused by temperature changes.
Does not crack, chip, or peel from the surface substrate
due to superior adhesion.
Inherent static-dissipating properties due to hardness
of coating as well as non-porous composition.
Eliminates the need for a sacrifi cial zinc primer system
by creating a non-porous basecoat system using advanced
moisture-cured polyurethane technology.
Heat resistant up to 600oF / 315oC

Tie Coat Primer
Self Etching Primer
Two Component Topcoats
Hardnose Paints
Glisten PC
Single Component Topcoats
Stirling Silver, ChassisCoat Black
Topside Enamels
Metal Mask
Engine Enamels
Repair and Fillers
POR-15 Epoxy Putty
Compatible POR-15 Coatings & Fillers
POR-15® can be applied to a variety of substrates. As a
single-solution moisture-cure urethane, it bonds concrete
and blocks water and moisture. It is necessary for concrete
surfaces to be adequately cured for at least 30 days
at a temperature of 68ºF or more. The surface should be
smooth and free of laitance, oil as well as fi ne dust and
particles. Bubble marks, joints and indented parts must be
smoothed out or removed. If there are pits in surface, fi ll
with POR-Patch®.
STEP 1: Power wash concrete with MARINE CLEAN™
STEP 2: If any stained spots remain, soak area with MARINE
STEP 3: After concrete is free of oil, dirt, paint spots, or any
other foreign materials, the surface needs to be prepared
for painting. To properly prepare concrete it needs to be
etched with muriatic acid at the ratio of 1 to 20 (5% solution).
NOTE: A NIOSH breather, full coverage clothing,
gloves and eye protection is required for this step.
STEP 4: Let the acid solution sit for about 15 to 20 minutes
and then rinse with clear water through a power washer.
STEP 5: When dry to a depth of four(4) inches,the concrete
surface is ready to be coated with POR-15®.
Most concrete structures are exposed to chemically harmful
elements that threaten their lifespan and cost business and
government millions of dollars annually. The highly porous
characteristics of concrete permit harmful elements to penetrate
which initiates deterioration. Many coating methods
have been used on concrete unsuccessfully. POR-15® is
the only coating that is able to protect concrete and extend
its life expectancy due to its non-porous molecular composition.
POR-15® As a Concrete Protective Coating
POR-15® has successfully been used as a protective coating
for fl oors of factories, warehouses, parking lots, concrete
collection tanks, neutralization tanks, reaction tanks,
wastewater treatment plants; deck plates of piers and
bridges; internal/external walls and ceilings; concrete sewer
pipes; inner walls of subways, underground passages and
tunnels. As a single-solution moisture-blocking coating,
POR-15® is most suitable for porous materials. Extensive
industrial applications and rigorous laboratory testing have
demonstrated that POR-15® has:
Excellent chemical resistance to: 50% sulfuric acid,
10% hydrochloric acid, 55% chromate, 85% phosphoric
acid, 10% sodium hydroxide, 98% methanol, 50%
hydrofl uoric acid. No problems shown in results from
gasoline and oil testing.1
Strong resistance to salt water – withstood 1000-1500
hour salt spray test (ASTM B-117) with no breakdown.
Inherent static-dissipating properties due to hardness
of coating as well as non-porous composition.
Extremely weather resistant - no breakdown in the
2000-hour weatherometer2 test which is the equivalent
of approximately 10 years.
Superior resistance to wear and high adhesiveness:
ASTM C-501 (Modifi ed)
1 North America and Asia test sites: US ABIC Testing Laboratory and
Korea Chemical Testing Laboratory
2 Weatherometer - a tool for testing the weather resistance of coatings. It
recreates the harsh climactic conditions of the Rocky Mountains (USA)
where the desert starts by repeating a cycle of 160 minutes of sunlight, 18
minutes of rain and 18 minutes of wind. 200 hours is regarded as about
one year.

Description Use Coat Thickness
Surface treatment
(Uneven areas)
Grinding and
If needed
Surface treatment
(Pinholes, etc.)
If needed
1st coat POR-15®Anti-
Corrosive Paint
2nd coat (internal) POR-15® Anti-
Corrosive Paint
2nd coat (external) POR-15® 50μm
POR-15® Protects And Extends Life Of
Concrete Concrete Surface Preparation
POR-15 Inc. P.O. Box 1235 Morristown, NJ 07962
P: (800) 457-6715 / F: (973) 887-8007 / Web:

So some of the differences are.
por 15-
1. needs a special prep to stop the rest.
2. needs a top coat right away.
3. cost a hell of a lot more.

Chassis Saver.
2.Can paint right over rust with very little prep.
3.Can paint over a painted surface.

anyone that has used either of these i would love to hear what you guys have to say.

Also i dont want my thread filled with crap about my truck so plz keep that stuff out of my thread

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Old 11-16-2009
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I honestly wouldn't use this type of stuff to cover up rust. Yeah it will prevent future rust but you will still have a weak frame from the current rust that is one there. Rust protector is just that, a protector. It wont fix already rusted parts. If you are starting on a new frame or you strip all the rust off of your current one then I'd use it.

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hmm this is interesting actually.. i like number 7 of the application of POR-15. it says that if you sweat in the can you gotta throw the whole can out.. haha

when i have my bed off my truck as well im going to be cleaning up the frame. but im just taking a 4.5" angle grinder with an aggressive sanding disc to the frame. the spraying it with a rust protector, then spraying it with primer, sand a little bit and paint it.

most of the people on RF spray theirs with spray on bedliner.. my s15 (like an s10) has asphault undercoating on the frame and its ok, but its peeling off in some spots..

doesnt matter what you put on the frame prep work is the most important..

EDIT: i guess i should say that my rust is surface rust..none of it has rusted through yet so its easy for me to grind the crap off and paint.
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Im going to use Chassis saver sounds like the better stuff and much cheaper.
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