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Old 10-31-2011
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Icon2 Help me install edge 4x4 (OEM) foglights.

I've made a couple posts but still lost. I'll start by what I know and have.

01' XLT ranger. Does NOT have the factory fog wiring from the bumper /engine bay. I looked and triple looked, nothing :-(
I checked and pulled the radio bezel. I do infact have the factory connector for the fogs.
Checked the fuse box and do not have any fuses or relays for the fogs.

So it brings me to my next question. How do I do this?

I ordered and oem bezel 2x4 edge trim piece with the factory fog light switch.

I have been reading that I need a relay, inline fuse. Then wire the relay to the + side of the battery. and then to the fogs, and ground each fog to the chasis... How do I get it to the switch or how can the switch turn the fogs on.. that's what I am most confused about. Infact it's driving me nuts how something simple is causing me this much

I found this picture on a focus form:

That makes sense to me minus the fact that it goes to the switch then there is another wire after the switch? Or does that represent the same thing... but then do I run just ONE wire from the relay to the factory switch to trigger the fogs? How do I get the stock switch to light up and tell me the fogs are on just like oem?

Attached is the factory wiring for the switch but according to that and the picture above the wires that I am using are different on the relay..

I've already got the sealed relay that I was going to put in the engine bay, along with the inline fuse. I have no issues soldering or running wire I just don't understand how it talks back to the switch so to speak?

Looking at the wiring schemtics don't help they just confuse me more.

Does anyone have pictures (real) of what hooked up where and what wires went to what..etc?

I really want to get this done this weekend and feel a sense of

Thanks for the help.

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Help me install edge 4x4 (OEM) foglights.-switch-wiring.jpg  
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Old 10-31-2011
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When I made my harness for my 04, I hooked up the #30 pole on the relay to the parking lights. I dont understand what you dont get. It explains it all in the picture you posted.
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Old 11-01-2011
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I guess I don't understand how to get the wire into the dash? And when I do get the wire to the dash why is the factory switch 4 wires but I am only tapping into one? That doesn't seem like it's going to work. I would think I would need to tap into all 4 wires and or from the dash where to those 4 wires go to?

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Old 11-01-2011
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Found this on an explorer forum:

After 3 days and a burned up fog light switch, I have finally figured out the wiring on the factory fog light switch and fog lights.

My Explorer didn't come with fog lights, and I tried to figure out the wiring before tearing into the radio bezel as I was painting a replacement radio bezel with the factory fog light switch. I got my radio bezel and all of the switches from a junkyard for $30, and after much frustration with trying to figure out the wiring for the factory switch, I decided to use a toggle switch, but also have the factory fog light switch just for looks (until I could figure out the wiring). I decided to check all of the switches from the junkyard to see if all the lights would work, or if I would have to change the rear wiper and defroster switch out with my existing (I did have to use my originals). When I tore into my radio bezel, that is when I saw that my Explorer had a fog light wiring harness attached to the radio bezel. The fog light switch was just a case with no innards or switch, but the wiring was all there. I had already attached my fog lights (OEM from dealer, not aftermarket), but didn't notice any wiring harnesses in the bumper for them. This was great, as I now could figure out which wire did what since it was already wired. If only I would have taken my radio bezel apart sooner.

Here are the results, along with how the fog lights should be hooked up to work with the factory switch, which is different than using an aftermarket toggle switch (obviously):

30 - 15 amp fused power (to battery)
85 - 10 amp fused power (to park lights -AND- red/black)
86 - 10 amp fused power (to light blue/black)
87 - fog lights (positive side of bulb) -AND- 10 amp fused power (to tan/orange)

Factory fog light switch:
light blue/black - fog light power (to Relay 86)
red/black - park light power (to park light power source -AND- Relay 85)
black - ground
tan/orange - fog light "On" power (to Relay 87)

It seems you can hook relay 85 and relay 86 to factory switch light blue/black and red/black in any order, as they both work exactly the same, and need each other in order to complete the circuit (relay 85 to red/black and relay 86 to light blue/black -OR- relay 85 to light blue/black and relay 86 to red/black). Factory switch red/black is the power source for the fog lights to come on. If you attach red/black to the battery, the fog lights will always be on, even with the key off, which means you will have to switch them off every time you leave the vehicle. Wiring red/black to an ignition wire will have them come on only when the key is turned on, no matter what position the fog light switch or headlight switch is in. Wiring red/black to the park lights will have them come on when the park lights are turned on, key position doesn't matter.

So here is how I finalized the wiring. Since my fog light wiring harness was already wired into the stock location, I did not have to run wires from the switch to there respective locations, I only needed to splice into the existing wiring. I will explain as if you have to run your fog light switch wires from scrap (like I will have to do with my Ranger):

Relay 30 - to battery
Relay 85 - to fog light switch red/black -AND- from fog light switch red/black to park light wire (if you don't have a park light wire close by, splice it into the headlight switch, which is also red/black)
Relay 86 - to fog light switch light blue/black
Relay 87 - to fog lights -AND- to fog light switch tan/orange
Fog Light Switch black wire - to ground

If you have existing fog light wiring, hook it up this way (same as above, but you don't have to run the fog light switch wiring):

Relay 30 - to battery
Relay 85 - splice into fog light switch red/black
Relay 86 - splice into fog light switch light blue/black
Relay 87 - to fog lights, splice wire from fog lights to fog light switch tan/orange

Remember to always fuse any power wires, even if you splice into an existing wire.

My question is the following how do you pig tail the wires from the oem switch to the relay while the relay also has wires going to the battery and the fogs.. ? Not sure if this question makes sense. IE: If you have one post on the relay (just a random number for simplicty) You have a wire going from the harness to the relay, yet another wire going to the same post on the relay from the foglights... that is my main question how is that wired or spliced together? Since obviously one terminal will only fit on the post of the relay how does one attach more than one wire?

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Old 11-13-2011
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OEM Fogs work on a negative grounding switching to make them work so they are not directly compatible with Aftr Mkt Relay Harnesses.

"buggman" on this site sells a modification to make the OEM Sw work with aftr mkt lighting, chk him out in Classified’s or contact him through PM...
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