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Old 03-18-2008
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ABS problem?

Hey everyone! I have a question on my ABS. Today on my way home from school I had to stop very fast for a red light. (one of those should I go or not kinds of deals). Well it was sort of a hard stop and in the process I applied the brake very firmly. Compared to slamming on the brake (as in lets say avoiding an accident) it was nothing like that. Just like I said it was a quick, sharp, stop but should not of been anything bad. Well I kinda felt like my car was slipping and was not stopping fast enough. Kind of like my tires stopped moving but I felt like I was just sliding more and more into the intersection. The roads were wet from rain today so I really didnt think anything of it.

However right after the stop my ABS light engaged on the dash. Now im thinking !!

I drive about half a mile down the road and shut the truck off. After turning it on the light was off and everything was normal (including the drive home).

My question is in the Ford manual it says service the vehicle immediately. Should I still service it since the light turned off? Should my ABS still work properly?

Any answers and explanation on if you think it was my ABS or just wet surface is appreciated! (By the way I have 3 month old tires)

Thank you
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Old 03-18-2008
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It was probably nothing, just came on because you hit the brakes so hard and did something to the sensor. When you shut the truck off it reset everything for you. If it comes on again get it checked.
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Old 03-18-2008
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i disable my abs in the winter soley due to the fact that the ABS doesnt actually stop my truck. instead it releases all braking power to the wheels, and in turn removes the brakes. My abs has been nothing but a major problem since I got the truck, and it has NEVER worked correctly. Ever~! So I just disable it. There are quite a few around here that run with out abs. However, some ranger's ABS works fine, and they dont have a problem with it. But when your in a sticky situation, how can a computer possibly know what sort of 'braking' is needed in that particular situation? It doesnt. Instead, it generalises, and makes for a very scary - **** your pants moment.

Anyways, I feel safer without ABS. and if it were an option, I would have not had ABS installed on my truck at all, since in my opinion, ABS is an accident waiting to happen.

With that said, I have driven other vehicals with ABS, and never had a problem, it just my particular ranger, the ABS is totally phucked on it, and the light never comes on, and unless the truck comes out and grabs the under paid Ford dealer tech by the throat, the dealer claims everything is peachy.
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