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Old 10-20-2014
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Blinker mod with LED's possible?

For some reason it wasn't included that you can't do the blinker mod with LED bulbs and I really want this to work. I heard things about EP27 fixing LED issues but I don't know if this could be fixed. Any ideas?
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Old 10-20-2014
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The short answer is no. If know how to work with IC components and want to get creative you could try to make some sort of a flip flop circuit that would alternate the turn and side marker lights (LEDs). You might try hitting Jp7 up
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Old 10-21-2014
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I would say you'd have to get very creative i have LED tails but halogen front turns. I also converted all dash lights to LED so now when i turn on the turn signals with parking lights off i get backfeeding in the dash causing the heater control backlights to flash. And 2 years later I'm getting hyper flash in the signals i think I'm going to return mine to stock its starting to become a headache with LED's
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Old 10-21-2014
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It can be done, but it's not a plug-n-play mod.
I haven't had time to come up with an easy mod (yet) & I don't think JP7 has either, but I know at least one ranger guy has done the mod.

I'm still looking for super bright yellow/amber led's for front turns/markers but haven't been totally satisfied with anything plug-in yet.... but I have some ideas in mind for a full conversion. Stay tuned.
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Old 10-22-2014
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Wasn't there a blinker (square thing under the dash) that was available that was LED compatible?
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Old 10-22-2014
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Yeah EP-27 flasher but depending on what else in the truck has been converted to LED that may or may not have an effect. The mod essentially wires the parking lights into the turns. It causes wacky actions I'm getting everything from pulsing in the radio and overhead console as well as dash lights flashing with blinkers. The flasher does help but at least for me its not a fix. Only thing I've found to work so far is to just undo the mod. Hoping bugman can figure something out though!

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Old 10-22-2014
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Gotta love sneak circuits any time you back feed power things crop up. When I blinker modded with LEDs my clock would flash any time my headlights were on and the blinker was on.

I nixed that and went to an ep27 flasher and just added stand alone led strips to my corners. One for running lights and one for blinker. I will do some thinking on the circuit I do miss having them alternate.
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Old 03-10-2016
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The only way that I'm aware to get marker lights to blink in sync with turns is to use a module (DRL-1 PC board) sold by Daniel Stern Lighting. I have all LEDs, interior and exterior EXCEPT for headlights. Use EP27 led flasher. Everything works normally with this mod: corners flash with turns.
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Old 03-10-2016
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^ Thread from 2014......

Regardless, I'll still weigh in. My 99 has the blinker mod done, and I use plug and play LEDs with a standard EP27. I didn't have to do anything fancy.

The blinker mod works by polarity. Incandescent bulbs don't care which way current flows, so no problems. LEDs, by their very nature, do care which way current flows which is where the problems start.

You can get around this using a relay for each side, in theory, but an easier way is to do the blinker mod as normal but to purchase plug and play LEDs which are not polarity sensitive. I'll link the specific bulbs that I have installed. There's really no need to go through a bunch of hassle with boards and modules just to use LEDs.

194 bulb:

3157 bulb:

I'll even post a clip of the turn signals in action if so desired.
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