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How-To: Change Your Explorer OHC From Green To Blue

***Disclaimer :
Neither we nor accept any responsibility for actions taken during or resulting from attempting this modification. Bear in mind that you perform this modification solely at your own risk. ***

Modification: Change your Exploder OHC from green to blue & visa versa

How-To author: Fx4wannabe01

Original thread:

Let the modding Begin!!


DISCLAIMER: This is not a absolute precise how-to and if you brake something, don't PM me and tell me it's my fault. I assume no responsibility if your mod goes haywire & plastic decides to snap.

This mod is for the Overhead Console(OHC) on '95-'97 Explorer, '98-01 Explorer, Explorer Sport up to '02 & Explorer Sport Trac up to '05. ALOT of folks in the Ranger world install these OHCs in their Rangers. Some folks don't want the Green lit display of the newer OHCs, and prefer the Blueish-Green of the older OHCs.

AKA: Changing your OHC's display color from Green to Blue-Green or Blue-Green to Green.

Tools Needed:
#1 Phillips screw driver

FYI: Here's a comparison shot of the differences between '95-97 OHCs and 98+ OHCs. '98+ is on Left. '95-97 is on Right. Note the difference in the shade of GREY. Note the color of the display.

I am taking apart the '96-97 model OHC.

Flip that console on her backside:

Unplug the plug on the screen unit:

Remove the 7 screws that are circled in yellow using your phillips screw driver. I used a #1, but a #2 should also work. On the '98+ units, they are held in using Torx screws.

Open up your Garage Door opener door/tissue holder, to allow it to be free from being clipped to the "housing":

Remove the screen unit, the map lights, and garage door as an assembly. Now, it's a little bit of a wiggle to get it out, but be gentle with it. It should come out with no problem.

Once she's "poped" out of place, roll her over and set her up like this:

Next to remove is the "screen unit." I call it screen unit because I don't know the proper name of it. Anyway...there's a "clip" on the far front of the unit that hold it in place....

With the back side facing you, pull up on that far front screw hole(the orange hold at the bottom of the pic), and the screen unit will come right out:

This is the $200 Ford part...the "screen unit".

Here's the colored lense clipped into the housing. This is being swaped in to my '01 OHC. To remove the lense, just push from the outside on the side that's toward the switches, and it'll come right out

The lense removed.

The lense is scratched all up when I purchased the console. I'm currently in process of finding out if FORD carries this part so I'd have a brand new one to install in the '01 OHC. If anyone know that part number, please post it or PM me.

This is a work in progress, but when I throw that Blueish/Green screen in the '01, I will add on to my How-To.

Let me know what you think!

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