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Old 08-26-2005
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How To: Clear Corner Install

Mod: Clear Corner / Side Marker light install on 2005 Ranger
Difficulty: 1/5
Installation Time: 20-30 min.

Tools Needed:
Small Socket Wrench
Socket Extension
7/32 Socket or 5.5mm Socket

Parts Needed:
Clear Corner set (Left and Right)
(2) Amber 194 bulbs

This picture compares the new clear housing with the stock amber housing

Rear view. Notice the orange rubber gasket on the amber housing - you'll need to save this.

Installation Steps:

Step 1 - Remove Headlight and Headlight Bulb Sockets

You need to remove your headlight in order to access the side marker. This is extremely easy thanks to the mounting tabs shown in the picture above. Grasp the tabs one at a time and pull up until they 'pop' loose. Once they are both popped up, your headlight should be loose and is ready to remove.

Gently wiggle the headlight out and away from the front of the truck. You may have to play with the tabs in order to get everything lined up properly.

Once the headlight is removed, you'll need to remove the bulbs from the headlight housing. Gently twist the sockets out of the headlight housing and then set the housing aside somewhere safe. Be careful not to touch the bulb glass with your fingers.

Step 2 - Remove side marker bolts

There are (2) bolts and a metal 'nipple' that hold the side marker in place. The picture above shows the (2) bolts circled in orange. The blue circles show the headlight alignment holes that are affected by the tab you pulled on in step 1.

Use your 7/32 or 5.5mm socket to remove the (2) corner lamp bolts as shown above. If you use the socket extension, the bolts are easier to get to. However, be careful to keep your hand under the socket wrench so you don't chip the paint on your bumper.

These are the bolts you just removed. Set them aside as you'll need them when you reinstall the clear housing.

Step 3 - Remove Side Marker Housing and Bulb Socket

This picture shows the last piece holding in your side marker. This is a metal 'nipple' type fitting that connects into a plastic hole on the truck. You need to grab onto the side marker housing and gently pull away from the truck. The nipple fitting should pop loose from the truck.

Once the sidemarker is free from the truck, gently twist out the bulb socket from the side marker. Set the amber side marker aside as you no longer need it.

At this point you can clean the areas that were covered up by your lights if you have a good buildup of dirt and grime.

Step 4 - Install New Bulb, Install Clear Side Marker to Truck
Now we're ready to start putting things back together. You need to remove the clear 194 bulb from the side marker bulb socket and install an amber bulb instead.

You need to make sure that the orange gasket is on your side marker bulb socket. If it is not, check the back of your amber side marker and install it onto the bulb socket. If this gasket is not installed, the bulb socket will not properly fit into the opening on your side marker. Now you can twist the side marker bulb socket into your new clear side marker. Now is a good time to stop and test all of your bulbs up front so you can change them out if you need to while everything is apart.

At this point you need to fit the clear side marker onto the truck. Make sure that the metal nipple (shown in step 3) lines up with the plastic 'nipple hole'. Once these are lined up, gently push the side marker in towards the truck. You'll have to 'pop' the metal nipple in before you can install the (2) bolts you removed earlier. If the nipple is not popped in all the way, you will have a gap like the one shown in the above picture.

Once the nipple is fully engaged the gap will be gone and you will be ready to install the (2) bolts you removed earlier. When installing the bolts, be careful not to overtighten them. The old adage 'tighten it til you fart' will probably end up cracking your new clear side marker. Just get them snug so that the corner is not moving around.

Step 5 - Reinstall Headlight Bulbs and Headlight Housing
This is the trickiest part of this install. It's not hard, it's just annoying. You need to line up the mounting tabs shown above so that the adjustable bolts coming off of the back of your headlight are able to slide in.

Once the tabs are lined up, you need to get the headlights ready to install. There are (3) bolts on the back of the headlight that fit into holes on the headlight tabs. They adjust via a ball and socket connection. The easiest way I found to get the headlights installed is to start with the lower bolt on the grille side of the headlight (the other 2 bolts should be on the side marker side of the headlight).

Don't try to force the headlight in or you will break it. It will take some time, some adjustment, and a few attempts to get it back in place. Once things are lined up you need to push in on the grille side of the headlight first, and then side marker / clear corner side of the headlight should slide into place.

Once everything is lined up and the headlight is fully installed, push down on the tabs you used to remove the headlight and check to make sure everything is snug.

Congratulations, you now have a clear side marker on one side of your truck.

Step 6 - Repeat the process above for the other side, and then you're done.


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Do you know of a good source for clear side marker lenses for a 2004 Edge? This is the only one I've been able to find:

USA Free Shipping 2001 2006 Ford Ranger Chrome Clear Corner Lights Lamps | eBay

Thanks, Chris
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