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Old 08-08-2005
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How-To: Color Matched FORD Emblems


-Make sure the GEL of the stock emblem is somewhat soft (you will be able to make a temporary indentation in the GEL by pressing your finger nail into it hard). If the blue GEL is rock hard plastic you will NOT be able to use this HOW-TO.

-Stock or equivalent FORD emblem with rubbery blue GEL
-Various hand tools for removing emblem from vehicle
-Small flathead screwdriver
-Oven mit or towel
-Electrical tape (or masking tape)
-Spray Paint (color of your choice)
-Xacto knife
-Replacement GEL: 'Everlasting Elegance' (works good for any color emblem) or 'EnviroTEX Lite: pour-on High Gloss Finish' (works good for BLACK, RED, and YELLOW emblems)
-Disposable plastic cup
-Popcicle stick
-Small level cardboard box
-Large cardboard box
-Patience and Time

-Take off the stock emblem (search the forums to find out how if you do not already know how).
-Take a Hairdryer and heat the front of the emblem for about 3min or more to soften the GEL.
-CAUTION the chrome surround of the emblem is now HOT so use a towel to pick up the emblem
-Take a SMALL flat head screwdriver and start to pry the GEL up. Once you get a side up you should be able to peel the whole thing out fairly easy. The GEL should pull out all the blue paint too. If any blue is left behind remove it with thinner/acetone or rubbing alcohol.
-Now you should have a Completely CHROME emblem with the raised FORD letters and raised oval ring.
-Score/Scratch the embossed chrome surface. BE CAREFUL not to scratch the FORD letters and raised OVAL. I used the corner of the screwdriver for this. I DONT reccomend sandpaper because your likely to mess up the chrome letters and it will not look good.
-Tape off the OUTER chrome surround. I suggest electrical tape because you can get it to stretch around the curved edges for nice clean lines.
-Clean the emblem thoroughly.
-Apply CHAPSTICK to the raised surfaces (all the parts you want to be chrome in the end).
-Take the spray paint of your choice and color (i dont suggest using colors other then BLACK, RED, or YELLOW because it WILL turn a gross yellow after a week or two. TRUST me ive done it on my old emblem 3 times with different materials and paint and it wont last).

--EDIT: According to a member is safe to use WHITE paint and other light colors if you use 'Everlasting Elegance' as the new GEL instead of 'EnviroTEX Lite' in the later steps.

-Spray a nice even coat of paint down to cover all the chrome and chapstick.
-After the paint is VERY DRY use your finger nail, or if you dont have any nails like me, use an Xacto knife to carefully remove the paint from the chapstick covered regions.
-The Xacto knife works great for cleaning up all the edges of the raised surfaces and leaving nice clean lines.
-Remove all tape.
-Use the very tip of a rag to polish the chapstick off the chrome surfaces.
-Place emblem on a small level cardboard box by punching little holes through the box where the PEGS on the back of the emblem are.
-MIX the replacement GEL you bought at a local craft store or online according to package directions (either 'Everlasting Elegance' or 'EnviroTEX'). THREE generous 'disposable' spoonfuls of both Hardener and Resin will be more than enough for the '04+ emblems if using EnviroTEX.
-DONT worry about BUBBLES. Once thoroughly mixed SLOWLY pour contents into the emblem. Be careful not to overfill the emblem. Use your mixing spoon to help spread the GEL around as well as tiping the emblem SLIGHTLY from one side to another to help even the GEL out.
-Once the emblem is COMPLETELY filled, EXHALE over the GELs surface, this 'magically' pops all the little bubbles (this step applies to those using EnviroTEX and may not apply to those using 'Everlasting Elegance'. Consult package directions for information).
-Place on a level surface inside a large clean box so lint and dust doesnt get into the GEL.
-Let dry to package directions.
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Emblems done by Alon:

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Old 08-09-2005
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if you do this method on basically any color other than black, red, and yellow, it'll turn yellow. It isnt the paint thats turning yellow... its the envirotex. envirotex is intended for indoor applications, and when its exposed to the sun, it starts getting very yellow, very quickly.

there is another product called 'everlasting elegance'. you can use it in place of the envirotex. the only difference is that instead of pouring the mixture over the emblem right after you mix it (like envirotex) you have to let the everlasting elegance set for at least a few hours and REALLY thicken up before you pour it over the emblem.

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Old 08-09-2005
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Thanks for the additional info. I wasnt aware of 'evelasting elegance' but i did know that the envirotex was what was turning yellow hence my disclaimer in the painting the emblem white...other colors wont be very noticable when yellowed. I tried different paints to be sure that it was the envirotex that was discoloring. I also tried using clear coat instead of the envirotex but it turned yellow also. I think i might try the stuff you there any place special you have to purchase it?
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Old 08-23-2005
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can you just leave it chrome? or wont it last?
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Old 08-23-2005
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you could leave it chrome if you wanted. The outer portion of the oval is always exposed to the elements and it seems to do fine so i would assume that the inside would last the same.
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Old 10-28-2011
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I did this one for the front of my sonic blue 04.

The base is almost done having the chrome chemically removed, I've been bathing it in bleach for about a week now, chrome is almost totally gone. I'm going to paint the base sonic blue as well. The colors are factory matched sonic blue ppg paint and silver frost ppg paint
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Old 11-20-2011
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Originally Posted by Posted for Jp7

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