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Old 04-27-2009
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How-To: Hurst in a '93

I picked up a used hurst and it had a few missing peices. Now that I've tracked them all down, I thought I'd do a write up for the guys with older trucks like mine, or those who don't have all the parts.

First pull off the factory console and shift boot (4 #2 phillips screws)
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Then remove the nut (17mm) from the stock shift arm, and tighten it onto the other side to remove the cam bolt.
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pull up the inner shift boot and remove the 3 torx screws (T30) on the stock shifter base.

Install the new adapter plate with 3 6mmx1.00 countersunk screws. I bought 16mm long stainless ones. (4mm allen head)
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Torque them to a highly precise value of "tight enough"
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Normally, this is where you would drop in the new shifter base, notch forward
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But I had an issue. I needed the 1/4" spacer plate.
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Tracked that down, and the longer bolts (I actually had the right ones) are a 1/4-28 X 2"
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now get destructive and cut a hole in the inner shift boot large enough to stretch it over the hurst base.
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Install the arm and adjust shift stops if necessary. Mine was used, they were already set perfect.
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Change your stock shift boot to the hurst one, it takes 4 folds over the console. I bought a cheap imitation at the local discount auto parts store for $19, way better than $35 for a new hurst superboot.
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I had the hurst top plate, so I put that in too, and man was that a pain to change. All the little pins broke off that hold the stock boot, so I glued the new one to the bottom of the console
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Screw the console/boot back down over the arm and install your ball/****/handle and you're ready to roll.
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