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Old 04-03-2007
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Some Bannings Are About To Come Down...

Just so you guys know that we are serious about the rules you're going to see some bannings(restrictions) pretty soon.

We've been very lax on members bashing one another, some minor racist remarks, bullying/inciting problems and some other stuff... but lately we've had to close alot more threads and correspond with alot of irritated members...

So just know that the moderators here are tired of dealing with it all the time.

We get pm's on an HOURLY BASIS reporting members violating rules constantly, offending other members and etc.

Many of you need to grow up, some of you need to stop being as sensitive and the others of you need to respect the rules of this site.

We all love the site, we all like posting, we all like reading and we all for the most part like eachother... If you can't get along; figure out what the issue is. Some of you will serve your time (temporary bans) as an example to the others. I hope that when we see you back here in a week you will be able to continue enjoying the community we have all worked hard to build and maintain here.

Here are our Site Rules that you all agreed to abide by when you joined Ranger-Forums:

Ranger-Forums is a free site that run by enthusiasts that are not paid to do so. Please respect that admins and moderators have a job to do and cannot please all people at all times.

Please read and take note of the following Rules:

1. Images and Content - Do not post images or content that is not suitable for this site. There is no age restriction on this site, so think before you post something inappropriate. No signature images are allowed.

2. Swearing - You can go there to look at a thesaurus or dictionary. There are many words on that site that are better than profanity. This will affect the way people perceive you and broaden your vocabulary. Some profanity is understandable. That is just how some people are, and for other people it just slips. Racist remarks are something different. None will be tolerated. Racist remarks are grounds for removal. The word censor is activated, so don't expect to see your profanity in raw form...

3. Advertising - Please do not advertise a company or service in your signature, avatar, title, or posts. Product reviews are different than advertising. If you wish to advertise your product or a product you sell, contact Trevelyn1015 and receive written permission first. Then, all advertisements must be made in the Vendor forum you are assigned. You may put what you sell as your custom title, if you are a site contributor and vendor. You may not advertise your product in another members classifieds/vendor's topic. Vendor's are allowed to advertise in their signatures. If the administration sees it as too much, they can will edit your signature. Failure to follow these specific rules can result in losing vendor and/or membership privilages. Being a site vendor is a privilage, not a right.

No raffles/giveaways are to be posted, except by authorized vendors. If you are not a vendor and wish to have a raffle or giveaway, you need to email Trevelyn1015

Also, spamming this site w/ other websites. It's one thing to make a thread, letting people know about another site. It's another thing to spam every new member, put it in your signature, etc. This rule is only coming about because of a "trash account" created to spam Ranger-Forums. That account was deleted, along w/ all of his posts. In all fairness, this rule must apply to other sites. We aren't talking about cardomain, personal sites, etc. It mostly seems to be an issue w/ smaller sites, trying to recruit new people.

4. Bullying or Inciting Problems - Most of us here are grown up enough to get on nicely with each other, but some like to make life difficult for others. This could be in the shape of prejudice, flaming, or targeting a specific user or social group. We will not tolerate this. If some/many members are offended by your behavior, posting, etc, the administration of Ranger-Forums may take whatever action they deem necessary to resolve the issue.

If you can't be polite, refrain from replying. You don't have to lie to people and tell them nice things to feel better. You can tell the truth. You don't have to like everything and you can tell people when you don't like something, but do it politely. This just comes down to manners and reflects on your character.

Threats will not be tolerated. If you threaten another member in anyway, public or private, expect repercussions. Public bashing of other members is not acceptable. Expect FEW warnings on either. (admins determine when this rule is broken. not members)

5. Signatures - Signatures have a limit on them. Please do not use excessive smilies, bullets, or font sizes. Please limit your signature to less than 15 lines. Signatures can be requested made smaller(or adjusted automatically) by the administration if they are seen as obnoxious, offensive, instigative, or too long.

6. Avatars - There are limits on sizes of avatars, which can be uploaded through your UserCP. Avatars are how people will remember you by on the forum. Avatars may not contain anything deemed offensive by the staff of Ranger-Forums. That includes nudity, profanity, racism, etc. Avatars can be taken away from a member if abused.

7. Post Whoring - Please do not post for the sake of posting. People will enjoy a good joke, but a post with no meaning or interesting content is a waste of resources and other people's time. If you want to just blab about nothing, do it somewhere else.

8. Moderation - If a post or thread you have made has been moderated, please live with it. Moderators do not edit posts for the fun of it and do not have time to justify themselves every time. Moderators, and only moderators, can decide when a topic is to be locked/unlocked. Abuse towards admins or moderators will not be tolerated. This is not a rule to test your limits on. Live with the moderation or move on.

9. Posting any of the following -
  • Any potentially libelous material.
  • Pornography, links to pornography or links to other inappropriate sites
  • Inciting a flame war within this or any other forum
  • Any sort of pyramid selling or referral schemes(free ipod offers are allowed)
  • The advertising, linking, and sale of illegal bootleg material (such as copied dvd's, music,and computer software) or programs to aquire illegal material. You may have member's contact you via a messenger service, but do not use this forum's private message feature
  • Persistent xenophobia, racism or personal abuse
  • Sacreligious profanity, images, usernames, etc. There are many different faiths represented here on Ranger-Forums and we do not want to see anyone's religious beliefs stepped on or made petty by another member. Expression of opinion is understood in the correct "Religious and Political" forum, but anywhere else, it is not allowed.
  • Commercial advertising (except by sellers with permission from Trevelyn1015), Spam or any other form of unauthorized advertising. Please do not upload, attach or post anything that is copyright or licensed without prior consent of the owner.
  • Anything invasive of a person's privacy, including the posting of personal information or photographs(this does not apply to meet photos)

10. Use the search feature -

Before you post a question, try and search for it. It could have been discussed previously.

These rules are subject to change without warning.

If you break any of the above rules, any of the following actions could be taken:
  • Written warning
  • Loss of privilages, ie: chat, arcade, avatar, signature, etc, for a certain amount of time.
  • Suspension from the site for a set amount of time
  • Permanent expulsion from the site. No membership granted.
  • IP Banned. No access to any content on the site.

If you don't want to follow these rules... Bye
I hope I don't have to make another thread like this again. Unfortunately it isn't just newbs that are creating problems. We've got members that have been here from day one or a few years or just a few months that think they are above the rules or can't be banned. It's nothing personal to those of you who do receive your bans and I hope you realize that. We're being fair and setting examples of the type of behavior we're trying to curb on this site. You should appreciate the effort we're trying to put forth. This was built to be the kind of site you can have opened in your living room (in front of your wife, kids, g/f, mom, etc, etc) or at work or wherever and not have to worry about them walking by and seeing an inappropriate image, profanity, racism, bickering, etc. We've managed to run the site by the same rules since day one and avoid most of the problems that plague other sites.

Now it's time for a little spring cleaning and a reminder of the kind of site we want to have here. To those of you that do not receive bans; it doesn't mean you are a perfect member. You may have actually just squeezed under the radar of this crackdown. We don't need members pointing fingers at others, either, once these bans have been passed out. It is not your place; we have moderators that determine who does/doesn't get banned. For the time being, we'll be a little more strict than normal and hopefully we can get back to almost no moderation on the site.

We're almost all adults and should be able to get along on the internet.

Christian Dorton
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