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Old 11-04-2005
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It seems there have been a LOT of thread hijackings as of late. I have a suggestion.

Put a mod on VBull that allows a thread author to delete ' spam ' in that thread. Would be a most fitting item.

Old 11-04-2005
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lol sorry D. had to do it...
Old 11-04-2005
Red_Ak_Ranger's Avatar
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Maybe you should use that ignore button like you've promised before you'd use on me. Then there would be no hijackings.

And anyways, why would we do that? For example, in the Drugs thread that's going, you could delete every opposing view towards you. People would use it to be childish. Too much power to everyone.

So pretty much, to sum it up, the idea itself is good, but the power to delete delete posts could be used wrongly.
Old 11-04-2005
zabeard's Avatar
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everyone has their own definition of spam... i dont think it will work well, but what do i know
Old 11-04-2005
SilverBulletXLT's Avatar
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Andy should be captain of the thread hijacking pirates, because after all, he is the captain. I'll be his first mate (since Zach declined the position), hell we can have a whole crew of pirates to hijack threads. If you want to sign up, send me a PM with your qualifications and some recent hijackings you've done. I'm with stupid smilies don't count! There will be no, I repeat, NO unauthorized hijackings from this point on. All hijackings must be from valid pirates. Sign up quick, spaces are limited!

EDIT: hardy har harrrrr..

Last edited by SilverBulletXLT; 11-04-2005 at 11:53 PM.
Old 11-04-2005
FoMoCoFiddy's Avatar
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I use the ignore button on a couple of people on the forum. Makes things easier.
Old 11-04-2005
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Originally Posted by SilverBulletXLT
Zach (stone) could be his first mate, hell they could have a whole crew of pirates to hijack threads.
hey now dont drag me into this pissing match. i have nothing to do with that lovely thread thats going down. plus:

4. Bullying or Inciting Problems - Most of us here are grown up enough to get on nicely with each other, but some like to make life difficult for others. This could be in the shape of prejudice, flaming, or targeting a specific user or social group. We will not tolerate this. If some/many members are offended by your behavior, posting, etc, the administration of Ranger-Forums may take whatever action they deem necessary to resolve the issue.

If you can't be polite, refrain from replying. You don't have to lie to people and tell them nice things to feel better. You can tell the truth. You don't have to like everything and you can tell people when you don't like something, but do it politely. This just comes down to manners and reflects on your character.

Threats will not be tolerated. If you threaten another member in anyway, public or private, expect repercussions. Public bashing of other members is not acceptable. Expect FEW warnings on either. (admins determine when this rule is broken. not members)
watch it now i havent done crap to you if there is a problem you have with me PM me I would be glad to talk...
Old 11-04-2005
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Originally Posted by Red_Ak_Ranger
Maybe you should use that ignore button like you've promised before you'd use on me. Then there would be no hijackings.
I've promised not of anything to you.

Last edited by D.; 11-04-2005 at 11:35 PM.
Old 11-05-2005
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Honestly people need to step back and think that each post they make is a reflection upon themselves. Some people come off as jack asses. Some as goofs, know it alls, or what have you. The mods and admin enforce rules to keep it from getting ridiculous, but ultimately this site is what the people make of it. It's a slippery slope once you start raising the bar on rules, then someone pulls the "Just like G-E" card.

D, while a mod like that sounds good, I can see it as a feature that could be abused too. I can say that this is on the minds of the R-F staff however, and we are brainstorming an alternative.

Zach, I may be wrong, but I believe that was sarcasm/attempt at humor.
Old 11-05-2005
mental ambiguity
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D, as you can see Christian made an executive decision on the site. Hopefully things will start to get better, as I agree, it's been an issue.

That said, I'm locking this thread for now.
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