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Old 12-29-2008
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this is what i wrote them after i recieved the blown product. i bought the sub off ebay. the name of their business is called dealtree and the ebay name is 2ndturn. they have a 97.7 feedback rating with over 150,000 feedback.

i emailed 3 times and once thru ebay. they said they had the wrong email address. i called and he was very rude.
i just want a workin subwoofer. i figured 72 dollars with free shipping is worth
it. bc the woofer new is 200 bucks. guess i was wrong.

this is what i wrote to them in and email that they just sent the confirmation on.

i want a pre paid return label and a WORKING subwoofer to be sent out to me

i purchased this subwoofer for my brothers Christmas. i opened the package to make sure everything was intact and it wasnt. the coil jumpers that were sopposed to be included were not there. i already messaged you about that and no action was taken.
i took the subwoofer to a local car audio installer about 45 miles away for the install in my brothers vehicle. upon arrival the installer said the sub was blown. this is even before he hooked it up. he said the coils should not make the kind of noise it did. he showed me how it was blown on his test bench.
when i came home my brother was upset at me because his Christmas present was ruined.

since you had the auction say
Functional Condition:
Tested Working
Cosmetic Condition: Some scratches and/or signs of use
Testing Notes: This item is working. This item is not in the original box.
The item has been tested and appears to be in good working order.

i am VERY UPSET and disapointed that you would sell something that does not properly work even though you say you have tested it. please send me a working replacement and a return shipping label.

i called about 30 min ago to get a rma request and the gentleman i spoke with was very rude.
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