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Old 02-23-2006
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Originally Posted by a311fanam
jesus, obviously this product didnt work out for me, you guys dont have to rip me a new a$$hole. I dont feel im at fault for what happened
It's not a knock on you, since you didn't over oil the filter. I also have a tendancy to "over-do" things, so the original owner probably didn't mean to mess up your MAF. Things happens, we live and learn. People just get upset when you give a good product a bad review. I like K&N, though they need to back off on their pricing a tad.
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Old 02-23-2006
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I won't touch these things myself. Personally a disposable paper filter (stock) more than does the job for me. It just seems too easy to fawk something up w/ these things.

..But then I'm not hell-bent on performance either.
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Old 02-23-2006
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I ran k&n's on 2 previous vehicles... I decide to stick with paper on my new ranger :)
It did foul my maf on my 94 t-bird.
Might get one of them nanofiber ones from amsoil next..
But I just changed the filter and I have an "extreme suv oiled paper fram"
sitting here I got for 3$ (mispriced at wallyworld)

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Old 02-23-2006
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Originally Posted by Rand
Might get one of them nanofiber ones from amsoil next..
ill have to look into thoses
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Old 02-23-2006
Rand's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: Barberton,Ohio
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They are pretty much the best thing available.. The technology is patented and comes from industrial use. there are a couple threads here about em.. if you search. They are also cleanable with low pressure compressed air or vacuum.
no oil.. filters better than k&n or paper... whats not to like. Price is about
36$ for preferred if I remember right.
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Old 11-09-2006
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I just wanted to add something to this post for future searchs.

Cleaning and oiling a round or conical K&N can be done only once **if** you use a prefilter. (for on road use that is) Buying one of those prefilters is the best thing I ever did with my lightning. It's been three years now and when I pull it off the filter looks identical to when I oiled it last.

As for you off road / mud guys.. I don't know too much about those conditions. But on the K&N site they say that the prefilter is intended for high dust situations.

Everytime I open the hood I just wipe it off by hand and it's good to go.

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Old 11-15-2006
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Yes, I agree with the others. It's not your fault but neither is it K&Ns fault either.
We run into this all the time with motorcycles. Some dumb___(not you) will spray their K&N filter. There stupid comment about 99% of the time is, "I figured more oil would do a better job." Do they really think they know more than the manufacturer about the product?
I will be getting a K&N for my new Ranger. I have them in my '99 (56,000) & '03 (32,000) Victory and my '60 Ranchero.
If you decide to go back to K&N just read and follow the directions. Then what I do is tap the filter lightly on an edge to shake any excess oil out and then I let it sit while do other things to my vehicles. ie- check fluids, wash, check tire pressure etc Then I go back and tap the filter again to make sure there no excess oil left in it. When I feel confident then I reinstall.
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Old 11-16-2006
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Use electical contact cleaner to clean your MAF regularly even with a normal filter and you will be okay. Also don't over oil the filter. Many K&Ns actually come with too much oil and are dripping with it. Just clean it an lightly oil it to a dark pink color. The MAF ws most likely not ruined. Just needed cleaned.
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