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Old 12-03-2006
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just wondering if anyone has bought from this site before? good service?
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Old 12-03-2006
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I hear that they're a very good reliable site, I've never bought from them personally though for the prices they offer they can get expensive real fast.

There was this other site I found about 2-3 months ago sold the same stuff but at some what of a cheaper price, i cant seem to remember it off the top of my head.
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Old 12-03-2006
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I've had good experiences with

They have a lot of different LEDs and other lights.
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Old 12-20-2006
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So who has replaced their brake light bulbs with the LED versions only to have it mess up your blinker timing because of the voltage difference?

Do some of these newer bulbs with the "circuitry" account for the major voltage difference in the LED vs. Filament bulbs so you don't have any blinker issues??
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Old 12-20-2006
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It's not voltage that's the issue -- it's CURRENT.

Most blinkers are either thermal, or have electronic current sensing to determine blink rate.

LED's draw too little current for both these types of flashers.

The traditional approach has been to use a ballast resistor on your turn signal lines to force extra current to flow. The ballast resistor connects to the turn signal wire to the bulb on one end, and to ground on the other end. It draws enough current to keep the blinkers working properly even if you remove your LED's entirely.
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Old 12-20-2006
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i have LEDs, no problems
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Old 02-10-2007
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As for their customer service, I ordered twice from them and got my product within 3-4 days and the packaging was top notch.
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