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Old 03-27-2008
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I towed 13,500lbs with my ranger....

a whole 20 feet

Here I am, baby sitting a baby ranger:

here i am, pulled it out... it hasnt even moved in atleast 5 yrs.

safety first, ALWAYS place a towel or something over your tow line incase something breaks, u dont die.

it sat there for 3 days....

then the tow truck guy showed up:

and DRAGGED the truck, which is fully loaded side ways with a winch, IMPRESSIVE! I wish I had a video...

even, while being towed, it looks good on the road...

getting weighed...

and shes gone. 31 years that truck lasted.

little bit of background..

My grandpa bought that truck in 1977 after ALOT of begging from my dad, - they had just bought a new van in 75. Dad said how great a cube van is over a regular van. After a year of begging, grandpa bought the truck (my dad was working under grandpa)

When the truck came in, the body was DEAD FLAT red. And after a year of back and forth with the dealership, dad said to hell with you people, and painted the body himself in the shop.

Then, came the 5gallon bucket of texaco rust proofing greese. Which the truck happens to be COVERED in. Because dad didnt like how the body sat higher than the cab, he used galvanized gutters off a house, painted them red and attached them to the body, so that it would look right. Dad spent months working on this truck. Back in the early 90's, dad rebuilt the entire back end, by the overhead door, it had all rusted out, dad fabbed up pieces and made it look new again. WEe spent weeks on that.

It was a great truck with 120K miles on it. It didnt begin to rust out till we took it off the road in 2001 and stopped all maintnence on it. Since then it was a storage shed.

We loaded it with all the scrap steel I had laying around here. base weight empty is 10,500. It wieghed in at 13,500 then the JY ripped me off.

First they CLAIMED it had 3,000lbs in plywood... I should have asked the guy how 20 sheets of plywood (the walls and floor of a normal cube van) could possibly weigh 3,000lbs, but the guy was a total ahole. Then he tried to say, 6, 16in tires weighed 1,000lbs.

All in all they claimed it weighed 10,000lbs, (buncha bullsh!t if you ask me) and paid me $1000. $200 per ton. Pisses me off ALOT that he phucked me out of $400.

but, i finally was able to pay my property taxes, for $920 that are two months late. So all in all i proffitted $80.
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Old 03-27-2008
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oh ya, and dad was the FIRST contractor in Buffalo NY to use a cube van for construction related business...
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Old 03-28-2008
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still not bad for scrap huh?
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Old 03-29-2008
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Always good to have an extra bit of cash.
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