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Cheap Way To Get Small Lift?


Old 02-12-2010
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Cheap Way To Get Small Lift?

Ok guys, my dad just picked me up this 96 Ford Ranger Splash. I really like this little truck, but its really low(don't know if they were just like that in these years or what). Anyway I want to know if you guys have done or know what to do to get about 2 inches of lift all the way around without lift kits and such? Thanks, JP
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Old 02-12-2010
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Dustin is trying to sell a leveling kit
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Old 02-12-2010
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Your truck is lower than normal because some years of the splash 2wd came one inch lower than normal. You can get one inch buy installing stock non splash springs, and then as mentioned install lift spacers to get another two inches. The rear is pretty much the same. Stock non splash leafs will net you an inch, and lift blocks or shackles for another couple inches.
Edit:And by the way, just ignore any mention of torsion bars. Doesn't apply to your truck.
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Old 02-12-2010
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being a 3rd gen you could get away with some 1.5 - 2" springs up front but you will have to take the truck to get your camber straightened and your front end re-aligned

its possible if you find the right deals to do it for about $200

for the rear, you could either get lift blocks or get some chevy or beltech shackles
which can be had for around $60
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Old 02-13-2010
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Any mention of torsion bars DOES NOT APPLY for this original poster's truck, so disregard ANY mention of bars here. You have twin I-beams and coil-springs...all 83-97 have this setup. What the poster above me posted is right. The Stig for the win!

Lift coils or coil spacers for about 2" lift. Get an alignment to correct the postive camber issue. Rear has many options....the best being a Belltech 6400 shackle. Even though it's meant to lower 88-98 Chevy, it actually LIFTS a Ranger about 1.5-2".

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Old 02-13-2010
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Listen to Shane. Shane knows all.

My advice? How much is two inches? mmm.. Not alot. Because you have the Twin I Beam suspension you can get a 4 inch Rough Country (IIRC) lift for what... $800 bucks or something? Pretty freaking dirt cheap compared to any other Ranger. Pair that with some 31's and it will look very nice.

Just my $.02
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Old 02-13-2010
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I dont know what is up everyone's butts but it WILL STOP NOW!

to the OP, I would find someone with a NON splash, and offer to trade coils and leafs to get a 1inch lift
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Old 02-13-2010
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...i said how to lift the rear in my original post.
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Old 02-14-2010
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Originally Posted by ScottG View Post
I dont know what is up everyone's butts but it WILL STOP NOW!

to the OP, I would find someone with a NON splash, and offer to trade coils and leafs to get a 1inch lift
scott, there are very few people in this thread acting like a dick... most of the people who have posted are offering what knowledge they do have... i for instance, said if he has torsion bars he can crank them, for the front, otherwise it's body lift for best bang for their buck...
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Old 02-15-2010
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With your suspension you have lots of options. As mentioned the 4" Rough country lift kit goes for 450 dollars. Very cheap and includes drop brackets, shocks, and coils. Good Deal for the price. You could also use 2" spacers or 2" lift coils. I highly suggest the lift coils over the spacers. The coils are new for one rather than 14 years old, and are only slightly more money then the spacers. They are also easier to install because you don't have to completely remove the bolt that hold the beam, coil and radius arm together, which doesn't like to come apart after many years together. With either the spacer or the coils you are going to need cam bushing and an alignment. Do not just buy any cam bushing you think might work, they have to be properly sized for the amount of degrees necessary for proper alignment.

As for the rear there are three main options. Lift block, shackles or add a leaf spring. Lift blocks would be my last choice, they are cheap but would require new u-bolts and can add to axle wrap. The shackles work great for around 50 dollars but may require pinion angle shims to keep your driveshafts pinion angle correct. Lastly the add a leaf is a decent choice but will make the ride stiffer. You can purchase an add a leaf online or you could pull apart a junkyard leaf pack and add 1 or 2 to your leaf pack.
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