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94 2.3 starter relay wiring mixup

Hi guys I did a stupid thing changing the starter relay. I didn't keep up with where the black and white wires went, I must have mixed them up. I started the motor and I was going to work on AC clutch and diden't notice the starter was still ingaged till smoke was comming from starter. Now I don't have 12volts coming from key. I put new starter & selaonid. I still don't where black and white wires go on relay. I hocked it up what I thought was the other way and shorted the relay to start. It startrd but did not kick out. I turned key off but that didn't cut starter off had to pull ground off battery. starter is now stuck in flywheel.
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Welcome to the forum

If you have a Fender mounted starter relay then ALL the wires go on the same post, except for 2.

There will be a smaller Black wire alone on the other larger post(it's other end goes to starter motor, smaller post)
And red/blue stripe wire on the "S" post, smaller post, this wire comes from ignition switch and activates the relay.

In the engine fuse box there will be a 50amp fuse that powers the ignition switch, it is probably blown if there is no power when you turn on the key

Battery will have 2 positive cables, both red
Larger cable runs directly to starter motor
Smaller one runs to starter relay, where all the other wires connect, this is the Power Distribution for the whole truck, it powers the fuse boxes, both of them

No white wire that I can see, there is a Grey wire on that starter relay post, it is from the alternator.

Starter motors are different depending on the years.
1994 starter motor should have a solenoid attached, smaller tube that sits on top of starter motor.
The solenoid pushes the starter motors gear out to make contact with the ring gear on the flywheel.
The solenoid also closes contacts in the starter motor to activate the motor.

The larger Red cable is direct battery power, when solenoid is activated that power is transferred to the starter motor.
The smaller black wire from the Starter relay activates the solenoid.

So when you turn the key to START, 12volts is sent from ignition switch to Clutch switch/Neutral switch then to Starter Relay, starter relay closes and sends power to starter solenoid, starter solenoid pushes starter gear out to engage ring gear and closes contacts to activate starter motor, if all is working engine will start to turn/crank.

If gear is stuck out/engaged the either solenoid or return spring is bad, starter will have to come out to check it

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