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Old 01-14-2013
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3.0L Lean codes and missfire

Ok so, I have had this problem for about 4-6 Months and seem that is getting worse. So here it goes. I have a 2004 ford ranger edge 3.0L, its my baby ! and my check engine light is on! I have scanned it about 4 months ago and had Lean codes( P0171, P0174) bank 1 and Bank 2 lean codes, but i also had some pinging so i put some high octane stuff in and seafoamed it was good for a month and threw the engine light on and i left it on.On my way up to my farm in Peterbrough i stomped on the gas and my check engine light started flashing and pulled over and checked the code P0302( Missfire on cylinder 2,) Now i have started to diagnose this problem, i just want some ideas that some people have. I have done a compression test about 5 months ago and found that my compression was a little high avg around 170-180 psi and i have also does a vacuum test know here is where i am a little odd about i was around 19"Hg And it was AROUND, the needle was juming up and down MAYBE 1/2 to 1 "HG, So i am thinking the the intake gasket is leaking. Some people say it could be the fuel pump and i havent checked fuel pressure.? and the check engine light has fashed one other time and both times it said cylinder 2 missfire so thats why i doent think its fuel pressure.
Any help would be MUCH appreciated
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Old 04-04-2013
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Hey, I had a similar problem, it is probably just a bad coil. Here is my trek through my similar problem:

Date: 1/21/2012 – 1/25/2012
Problem: Code P1151 (Heated O2 sensor—Bank 2, sensor 1, indicates lean);
Code P0301 (misfire Cyl. 1)
Possible Causes: P1151 – fuel system clogged
P0301 – bad plug, bad coil pack, fuel injector is clogged, bad wire;
Attempted Solution 1: New plug on cylinder 1 and fuel injector cleaner

Date: 3/4/2012
Problem: Codes P1151, P0301, P0303 (Misfire Cyl. 3)
Possible Causes: P1151 – clogged IAC, clogged MAF, bad O2 sensor
P0303 – bad plug, bad coil pack, fuel injector is clogged, bad wire
Attempted Solution 2: Did 60,000 mile maintenance, cleaned IAC and MAF

Date: 3/4/2012
Problem: Codes P1151, P0301, P0303
Attempted Solution 3: Replaced coil pack
Comment: Fixed

Ignition coil pack: $76.99 + $5.00 = $81.99
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Old 04-10-2013
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I had a similar problem. The truck was missing. No codes when i checked, but on occasion the engine light would flash. After changing fuel filter, MAF, and air filter i had the same problem. The engine was still missing. So i ohmed out my spark plug wires and found one bad. Changed them all, same problem. So finally i ohmed out the coil pack and found a coil bad. The coil took out the plug wire.
I'd say check your plug wires and coilpack.
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Old 04-11-2013
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Do a compression check on the cylinder with the misfire. You might have a bad valve. I've done plugs, wires, fuel filter, injector flush on my 02 EDGE with the 3.0L Still coming up with a misfire, and rough idle. Did a compression check, and both #4 and #6 cylinders have low compression. My truck has 150K on it. I'm just going to run it until she can't go anymore. Then throw a remain at it.
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