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Old 07-29-2008
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Originally Posted by Stryker View Post
well adding a throttle body spacer is effectively like re-jetting ur carb.
cuz it changes the air/fuel ratio does it not?
Whereas a larger jet would add more fuel to the mixture, and a spacer under a carb would make more room for fuel mixture, a throttle body spacer is only contacting air.
The fuel is mixed in from the injectors, which would be AFTER the throttle body spacer. Useless. Just looks pretty and makes noise.

Spacers work with carbs. People are selling to suckers who think that if it works with a carburetor, it must work with EFI, RIGHT?!!?!?
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Old 08-14-2008
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Originally Posted by korey89 View Post
and those spacers are a waste of money. google it
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Old 09-02-2008
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I tried a throttle body spacer and it was a waste of time and money. It might work on an FI V8 that's turning higher rpms but on a stock V6 or 4 banger engine you're pissing your money away. Plus I wouldn't buy a terd off ebay for 2 reasons. the first reason is continuous harrassment from the ebay site itself(daily emails wanting you to set up a store and god knows how many phone calls for the same purpose). The second reason is that there's so many people on there selling bad products/ripping people off that it's not funny anymore. Now I aint knocking the people on ebay who do business the right way, it's just that 85% of the people on there just rip other people off and ebay doesn't do alot about it.
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