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Old 10-28-2010
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Retarded noise WHen accelerating..

Hey im getting ticked hearing this wierd noise like whinning almost like rubbing noise when i get onto the main road in the moring. Its usually when the engine is first getting warm like first 5 mins after staring. Everything sounds good when creeping around the neighborhood lower rpms... then when i pull onto the main roads and rev to like 3 thou it make a funky noise. It usually the only time of the day when i hear it tho. Im hoping its a belt problem or pulleys. Let me know what you think or if u had that problem before...
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Old 10-28-2010
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Tell everyone it's the supercharger.


Have you tried to open the hood and look around to see what is making the noise when it is doing it? Honestly, people could guess all day long on the forums with little to no chance of actually getting ir right.

Open the hood, have someone rev up the engine for you and make sure not to contact any moving parts...get a loooong screwdriver and put the metal end against different stuff like the alternator, idler pulley, steering pump, valve covers, etc until you can locate exactly where the noise is from.

A quick way to find out if it's the belt is to have someone make the noise (you can rev the engine yourself from the throttle body under the hood) -- and spray some brake clean or something briefly on the belt itself -- see if the noise changes.

The best way to find out if it is related to something that is serpentine driven is to obviously take off the serpentine belt and start the engine to see if you can get the noise to reproduce itself. You'll have no water pump, no p/s, no alt, etc so you'd want to do this while the engine is cold and only for a brief time.

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Old 10-28-2010
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Tough to call but could it be the results of a cold fan clutch? I know mine tends to spin the fan up a couple times when the engine is still relatively cold and could see how the sound could be percieved as something whining or rubbing.

Just a guess.
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Old 10-30-2010
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YEP its the supercharger!! Dude cold fan clutch could be right on the money. I been looking under the hood only listening when its at idle tho... ill try it with my long screw driver on the alternator, valve covers i sure hope its nothing too serious
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Old 10-31-2010
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u joiints, or diff bearings. i had the same thing
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Old 10-31-2010
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Funky noise, like at 2700 rpms +? Rattling sound?
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Old 10-31-2010
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good point cole...tchain issue
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