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Old 12-21-2009
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Just wanted to start by saying Thank You, to everyone who contributes their knowledge. It is kind of you to help others.

Now, on to the problem. I was driving up to the mountains and once i got up there the truck did not want to go into gear. it was like hiting a wall, it just didn't want to go into any gear. i tried everything, i know most the tricks for puttin it in gear. i just replaced the transmission fluid ( mercon 5) and its level was good. it seemed like the cold and altitude caused the problem, because when i drove back home, which is mucher lower in altitude (like 8000' lower), the problem all but vanished and has not reappered, and that was the only time it happened. it has always needed a little persuasion to go into 1st, but nothing dramatic. Throwing it into 2nd to line up the gears works fine. the clutch fluid level doesn't seem to be low either. my buddy thinks maybe...the slave or master cylinder. But we're not sure. Anyone heard of this before, or know where the problem lies? Im good with a wrench, but i only know a little about transmissions and clutches.

Aslo one other quick question... I seem to have a tiny transmission fluid leak. and i added a little extra into the fill hole by tilting the truck ever so slightly (maybe 2"). it feels fine, but is there any real danger in this? My thought was that maybe it might help the shifting up in the mountains. this is also on my to fix list. lol Please help and thanks agian.

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Old 12-21-2009
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The slave cylinders are problematic in the ranger. Unfortunately it is in the bellhousing so not really accessible. If you search a bit you will find some recommendations on trying to fix it.

I am not sure which years still had this, but some years had rubber plugs on top of the trans that leak, and there are metal replacements I believe. Someone else who knows more about it should chime in.
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Old 12-21-2009
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Only fix is get it on a transport and haul it up here to me. It'll be replaced with my 2001 Edge. LMAO

It was worth a try. :)
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Old 12-23-2009
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If there's air in the clutch hydraulic system, the bubble will get larger at higher elevations. You might try bleeding the system before you start replacing parts.
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