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Old 09-17-2007
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Icon4 Help please..grinding / slipping in reverse (auto trans)

Hey everybody - I haven't spoken up on here too much since my truck hasn't given me any problems (I'm usually looking for new ideas and wishing I had some extra $$) - but maybe someone can give me an idea of what to expect with this...

I bought my '00 ranger back in June to replace my '90 4.0 w/230k miles - the tranny went up in the '90 due to many years of neglect before it was passed down to me. I had it for less than a year before it gave out, but it was a free truck, so I won't complain too much! I bought the '00 w/ 130k miles on it, and aside from the infamous "slip yoke" issue, I have had no major problems with it other than a stuck parking brake cable the first time I used it.

My current problem is with reverse in my truck. It's a 4.0 OHV automatic - first of all, is this the same trans my '90 had (A4LD), or is this a different trans? Anyway, when I put the truck in reverse, it hesitates longer than normal to shift into reverse. When it finally shifts, it will not usually move under its own power on level ground (it should move slowly without pressing the gas.) When I press the gas, it makes a very noticable scraping/grinding noise and it slowly creeps in reverse eeven at higher rpms as if I were driving a manual and holding the clutch in. Eventually, it jerks rather loudly into gear and then it moves fine. It sounds a lot like it would if I had a worn clutch and was grinding gears, except that I don't have a manual trans. Sometimes if I'm backing uphill, it doesn't engage at all. I noticed that if I put the truck in Park before shifting back into Reverse, it will usually engage much quicker, but it is still noisy and somewhat hesitant.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? Does this sound more like a trans problem or a rear axle / diff problem? It sounds like the grinding is coming from the rear end, so I'm thinking/hoping that it's not the trans...

Service records from the previous owner show that the rear pinion seal(s) were replaced, and fresh oil was put in the rear - could this be a result of a low or overfilled fluid level or an improper service procedure? I haven't gotten a chance to get underneath and take anything apart yet, and so far nothing appears to be leaking underneath

Sorry for the long story, but it's sort of hard to describe exactly what's going on in a few short sentences. Thanks for reading through it - if anyone has any suggestions or helpful info, I would really appreciate it. I'm taking it in for the cruise control recall soon, and if this problem turns out to be something I can't fix, I'd like to get it taken care of while I'm there.


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Old 11-02-2007
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I have a friend w/a 2000 Lincoln LS. He just had his tranny rebuilt this week because it did exactly what your describing. He siad it did that for a while then it started slipping in OD out on the hwy.

Clutch pacs were wore out.

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Old 11-02-2007
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A long delay is typical of this transmission. I have read that its do to excessive tolerances in the valve body assembly. Blame ford for that.

The trans is very similar to the A4LD of your old truck except its now computer controlled. The major problems of the A4LD have been upgraded tho.

FWIW my truck lost reverse at 108k, i put another 10 on in before i swapped it out. My advise to you is stop using reverse untill you can save some cash for a trans in case it does break. Its kinda hard to drive with out reverse but it can be done. I only had to push my truck backwards in the 6 months i drove it with out reverse and that was because i spun out.
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