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Old 03-20-2010
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help with painting bed rails

my plastic bed liner was starting to get bends in some spots and started holding water, so i took to it because i plan on putting down some bed liner this summer, well i took it off and it had been moving around and scratched up a bunch of spots so i sanded that all smooth. but in other spots there were big holes where it looked like someone had screwed something in then yanked it out. so i i bought some body filler with glass to fill the holes and the dents. well i got the bed rail all prepped up and last night i put down a few layers of primer, and today im gonna but down some black. but i have one problem, how do i fade the paint so its not like two different levels? and also will1500 to 2000 grit sandpaper be good for polishing it so it blends with the rest of the truck?
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Old 03-24-2010
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hey man as a residential painter i would have to say that texture is the key. so in essence you need to role out the thinnest coats you can. i am assuming you want to make your roll on liner look as close to the rest of the truck as possible? so ill give you the basics. thin thin thin you can always come back and hit your work area with another coat. so i have no idea how close you want to come to the stock look. an orange peel texture will be your best bet to keep some kind of extra grip that a rubberized bed liner will give you. most every paint roller cover you find in the average home will give you that is the bed textured or is it morning dew look. you dont need to use a different roller though. what might be a little easier and possibly more efficient. is diluting your liner mixture. you find out what this coating is based on ie with homes you work with oil based or water based. to dilute oil u would use paint thinner. and im sure you can guess what works for latex paint yup water. you ad 1/2 part degrading agent for every 8 to 10 parts coating. NOTE this makes the liner less durable and much thinner. remember to give coats longer to dry if you dilute them. you will get a lower viscosity index meaning you can role it on faster and its easier to get into all the problem areas. this means less holidays per coat(holes in paint coat) and it also means you spend less time rolling and re-roling and more time getting a nice even coat. if you miss a spot first time around so what youll get it next coat. first layer remember that you need to be pushing the paint into the bed so youll be using a lot of product because primer just soaks up product. but thats ok just remember consistent even pressure in over lapping strokes and load your roller every four strokes or so otherwise your just puting it on then taking it off. then for your next however many coats you desire to do the name of the game is spred and smooth. just like butter get it on the truck from your tray spread it out then go back over the area you just rolled with an very light hand to give it a smooth consistent even coat. all this amounts to your final product being much easier to blend with the truck. lets face it though our cars are panted with a laqure based coloring mixed with a two part epoxy then sealed with a polymer clear coat. its just shinny on top of gloss. something our heavy duty rubberized petroleum enhanced liner will never be. so then how? well you can go to auto zone and get duplicolor repair paint it will be the exact color of your truck do 4 or 5 layers of that wet sanding and cleaning n what not between coats only to sprat another 2 or 3 coats of duplicolors clear coat to that you cant tell whats ford paint n what came out of them cans. OR you can save your rolling pan and find some sort of high gloss paint for metal. play with different colors or combos of colors till you find something close to what you think is good and spray to light coats REALLY LIGHT and you might just be surprised with what you did. on my grill i used flat black then a bronze metallic fleck high gloss spray paint. the effect was like putting armorall on your tires. but because it was a different color it didnt look obvious that i spent 4 min including prep and reassembly and two cans spray paint i found sitting in a shack. good luck hope this helps just get out n do it its just paint after all you can wipe it off or paint over it.
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