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Old 04-12-2010
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Icon10 1973 Ford F100 VIN PLATE DECODE?!!?

I have a 1973 Ford F100 4x4 single cab long bed :: that I am trying to start the restoration process on. This truck has probably not had the best life. My Gran'pa bought it from 2 young men in 1992 that had of course, jacked it up with a lift kit and put bull bars on the front and back. He drove it until sometime in 1994, when it quit. From what I understand it would turn over and fire, but would not keep running. I assumed the motor just wore out... even though I have heard you can't kill an inline 6.

The vin as i have decoded so far, calls for a V8 360 2BC. The truck currently has the inline 6 in it. The unfortunate part is that someone stole the Holly breather off it and left the hood propped up, allowing water to get into the carborator... which in turn got water on the last 3 cylinders.

The problem I need to solve is this: I have no idea if the bell housing for the inline 6 and the V8 will match up, along with I need to check both axles, transmission, and transfer case to see if they are the original equipment.

Basically I need to find a website that would list all this information... if someone knows anything please let me know! But I will list the info that I pulled of the door vin tag below:

Vin # F11YUR81860
Model F11
??? 133 (what is this?)
Body 484
Color 8
Trans A
Axle 08
Max GVW 05600 lbs
DSC 26

What I do not know is hilighted in this same color. If anyone has the info please share the website you got it from or what they mean.

I guess I could go to ford and ask them... but yeah right, the people at the parts counter in my town look at me like I am crazy when I come in... because they know I need info they don't have. LOL

But you can go to my albums and see my current pics. It is almost not worth restoring... but my Gran'pa would be proud of me if I just get it back on the road. He passed away when I was barely 17 and I couldn't get the truck at that time. I went and got it about 2-3 years ago. This is the last piece of my Gran'pa I have left, and I am BOUND AND DETERMINED to get this thing on the road!

First things first... Once I remove the motor and cover the trans and remove all the misc. parts from the bed and remove the bed itself.....she is getting a good scrub down to knock off the major rust so I can cut out the really bad places and use Naval Jelly to clean it up. New sheet metal and bondo will be applied once she is titled in my name and running/driving.

1. wheel cylinders (purchased, haven't gotten the truck up to the house yet to start putting them on)

2. gas tank and lines (rusted through and through... )

3. engine (looking for a V8 360 ford motor that runs) btw I am in Tennessee... so if anyone knows of one within 300 miles that runs GOOD, I would be willing to drive and PAY to get it. I WILL HAVE IT RUNNING AND DRIVING BEFORE I GO ANY FURTHER

4. new bed (haha mine I can grab the driver side fender well and lift the bed up about 3ft)

5. interior (new seat cover and foam / repair holes in floorboard / bondo and sand ceiling)

6. Once I get a replacement bed and get new sheet metal and bondo and get everything right.... Onto paint : I thought about rhino lining the entire truck haha thought that would be cool, but then I realized how much its going to cost and how much weight it would add to an already heavy truck that won't get much gas mileage at all... so maybe just paint her back the original color

I will post pics as I work on her...

Thanks in advance for any and all help!
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Old 04-12-2010
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I might be able to look this up for you tomorrow, I don't know how back my database goes.
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Old 04-12-2010
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That would be great... THANKS!
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Old 04-30-2010
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so i am apparently not the only person with an account Here, and at TRS.
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Old 04-30-2010
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Originally Posted by pcollins View Post
so i am apparently not the only person with an account Here, and at TRS.
Of course you aren't!!!
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Old 05-09-2010
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Vin # F11YUR81860
F11 - F-100 4x4
Y - 360 2bbl
U - Louisville Ky assembly plant
R81860 - 73 Model Year

??? 133 - Wheelbase
Body 484 - styleside pick up
Color 8 - N/A
Trans A - NP435 4 speed
Axle 08 - 3:50 open diffs
Max GVW 05600 lbs
DSC 26 - nothing to worry about

i dont have an "8" in my 73 color listings...

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Old 08-17-2010
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Still looking for a factory 360? I have one in my truck that is running and has good compression. I do live in California though.
If you are interested on freight? Dunno??? Message me if interested.

73 f100 ranger 4x4
2bbl carb, all stock.
Rebuilt about 15000 mi ago

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Old 11-07-2011
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look on lsn.com there are parts truck there not bad priced. sounds like a great project there you have. good luck it would be a great truck when done!
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