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Old 12-07-2009
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I had an "OH SHYT" moment today....

...but not like you'd expect.

I was trying to program my Ranger for another PATS chip so I could insert it into my slide key.

I tried NUMEROUS positions for the chip, but nothing worked. There goes $5 I spent for the key... at least I had "fun" destroying the key and finding out how the keys are made.

Anyway, Just as I gave up, I decide to pull the truck out of the driveway and put the panels back together on the side of the street. I insert the first "good" key. NOTHING EXCEPT THE BLINKING "THEFT" LIGHT!!!

I'm thinking "ok... maybe I forgot to program THAT key." So I try the second "good" key. SAME RESULT!!!!

By now, I'm about to shyt bricks 'cause I'm blocking another car in teh driveway, and it's my only reliable transportation at the moment. (The motorcycle is BEHIND the other blocked car... and it's getting too cold for the bike.)

I try the third key... guess what.


*&^@$%[email protected]&^$#@@#%^

At this point, I'm hyperventalating(sp) 'cause I can't get the truck started, it's blocking two other vehicles, and I have NOOOOOO money for a tow truck to bring it to a dealer let alone PAY THE DEALER to program everything for me.

While I'm buttoning everything up (panels), I'm cursing at myself for being such a retard. After I finish, I cross my fingers and try one key once more.

IT WORKED!!!! *PHEW!!!!!

Cliff notes:
I'm an idiot
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Old 12-07-2009
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Now that's quite the day.....LOL
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Old 12-07-2009
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haha.. sweet.. i had an "oh shat" moment too today.. friend and i were up the mountain grabbing firewood and he starts cutting down a tree (yes its dead) and i thought i was far enough away.. haha so the tree starts falling towards me...i say "oh ****" and start running, tree missed me by like 7 feet.. i just looked at my friend and laughed.. haha.. have had lots of those oh **** moments up the mountain.. haha tis fun.

also ended up splitting the wood axle handle today too.. luckily though i snapped off at the blade so im just going to shorten the handle. guess i should go out fix that..
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Old 12-07-2009
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I wanna disable this damn PATS crap.

Sounds like a hell of an afternoon there, Tony.
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Old 12-07-2009
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Yeah... the only thing I could see running through my mind were the dollar signs it would take to fix my idiot-mistake. lmao

I'm gonna try and disable the PATS system also. Kinda irritating... when I need to program the PATS with a new key or something, I have to remove the knee panel to access the hidden key that feeds the chip signal into the remote starter.... Otherwise, the whole programming process would be simpler for me.
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